Digital and real-time mapping of underground and time-continuous planning

In your company, new challenges have to be solved and important planning decisions have to be made every day. Make sure that you always have an eye on the most important business goals, such as delivery times, lead times or inventories, and can track their changes through your planning decisions. Enable automatic calculation of start and end times of individual process steps based on the current production plan. This gives your planning department more time to use its expertise for the really important decisions. Create maximum transparency across the board and react quickly to failures or delays in production through an immediately re-optimized production program.


  • Planning and changes in the production plan are immediately visible
  • Planning is possible to the second
  • Use of a user-friendly interface
  • Easy handling of forms
  • Use of self-defined real-time KPIs
  • Increased user experience 
less inventory
improved machine utilization
Reduction of lead times

An excerpt of our Quintiq projects.



Quintiq Macro Planner as a rough planning solution

Introduction of Quintiq Scheduler

Implementation as a detailed planning tool

Adaptation to customer requirements

Our services

  • Recording and analysis of all relevant customer requirements
  • Solution design and implementation support
  • Training and coaching of key users


  • Together with you, we analyze the process flows in your planning department and thereby uncover potentials
  • CONSILIO develops a software concept with which you can significantly increase productivity in process planning and at the same time support your employees
  • We support you in reducing the delay of customer orders to a minimum and significantly increase your customer satisfaction
  • With our help, you can implement DELMIA Quintiq solutions for your operational detailed planning and increase your efficiency through the possibility of automation and optimization
  • Our experts will work with you to analyze the potential risks to your production process

Implement mobile scanner solutions!

Leverage real-time data.

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