SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Your individual roadmap for the transition to S/4HANA.

With SAP S/4HANA, all SAP ERP landscapes are due for a redesign. And that is precisely why it is not enough to simply digitize processes and transform IT systems - it is more about innovative ideas and new, trend-setting business models.

Moving to S/4HANA - migration paths to your digital business

With SAP S/4HANA you set the course for the future. But how do you manage the transition to the new environment? Which migration paths exist and which one is the right approach for your company?

Basically there are two ways:

Both have their pros and cons.

Since the transition to S/4HANA is not an isolated task that is performed by the IT department alone, the decision-making process must take into account the conditions in your company and correspondingly differing requirements and objectives. And you may then find that a hybrid mix of both approaches would be the best alternative for you. CONSILIO has developed the Cross-Field​​​​​​​ approach for this purpose.

The key questions are:

  • Do your current business processes support the long-term strategy of the company?
  • Can you adopt best practices for modernizing core business processes or are you planning to adopt existing custom applications?
  • Is landscape consolidation an important value driver for the introduction of SAP S/4HANA?
  • Which products and which release do you have in the current system landscape - can you switch to SAP S/4HANA in a one-step process?
  • Do you need past transaction data that must be available in S/4HANA?
  • Is the conversion a technical or IT-supported project or a project financed by the business?
  • How many interfaces to other systems exist (non-SAP and SAP)?

We equip our customers for the digital world.
With the real-time ERP suite S/4HANA.

Jürgen Löhle, CEO and founderCONSILIO GmbH

Simplifications & innovations at a glance


During the one-day Foundation Workshop we will give you a brief overview of the topic and explain the roadmap to S/4 HANA. We will present selected innovations in our S/4 HANA demo system and also show you the special features of the new user interface and the analysis functions that are available in the standard system. With this input we will then outline your path to S/4 HANA and define the next steps.

Zum Workshop-Whitepaper

The transition to an S/4 HANA system architecture is manifold. Are the business processes to be redesigned and is a new system landscape to be created (Greenfield) or should the existing systems be upgraded to S/4 (Brownfield)?What should you keep in mind? What are the requirements for which approach? Are there any tools to support you? Can steps be parallelized? After an analysis of your current system landscape, we will work out a transition tailored to your needs and design a future-proof SAP architecture for 2025.

Zum Workshop-Whitepaper

Tools and Apps for S/4HANA

PP/DS migration toolEWM Fiori AppIBP Integration FrameworksSAP Ariba and S/4HANA

Crucial to the success of any S/4HANA transformation is that the FICO team - both the business and the IT side - is a part of the project from the very beginning.

Carolin Fuß, PartnerCONSILIO GmbH

SAP confirms CONSILIO special expertise and S/4HANA project experience

CONSILIO has received the certificate "SAP Recognized Expertise in S/4HANA"

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The advantages of SAP S/4HANA

  • Digitized business processes - technologies such as big data, cloud computing and mobile applications - can be easily integrated
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Low costs - S/4HANA uses a low volume of data - resulting in lower hardware, network and storage costs
  • Fast reaction time - results of business analyses are available more quickly
  • Consolidation of the SAP landscape - reduced complexity and error-proneness by merging different applications