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Right from the start of a project, the choice of the right software design determines the success or failure of the implementation!

Software design does not describe the colors of the buttons of your application, but how your solution looks like inside. A suitable software design therefore decides on performance, maintainability and functionality.

[Translate to English:] SAP Software Design - CONSILIO GmbH
[Translate to English:] SAP Software Design - CONSILIO GmbH

The clean conception of an IT solution on a technological level, using state-of-the-art technologies, proven paradigms and approaches, enables you to implement business requirements faster and with higher quality. However, this is only possible if the right tools, the necessary experience and the right methods are provided.

With S/4HANA and the associated technical revolution, SAP is enabling its partners and customers to take advantage of new opportunities. However, these can only be used optimally and with the greatest efficiency if they are known about and can be handled. This also applies to the classic Business Suite. Software must be designed to be future-proof and innovative.

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Can your existing application be extended?
Are you looking for a more modern and redesigned solution?
Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we analyze your requirements in a practical way and from the right perspective. Together with CONSILIO you can create a tailor-made and optimised solution for your company to promote maximum efficiency.

Profit from our experience in modernization and complete implementations. With a precise analysis and the right implementation, CONSILIO takes the efficiency of your application to a new level and optimises your existing business processes.

Design Patterns are proven solution templates. They have their origin in the architecture of buildings. Suspension bridges, arch bridges or beam bridges never look one hundred percent the same. Depending on the challenge, an architect chooses the appropriate solution instead of thinking about the problem completely new each time. These principles have become an important quality feature for the design of software. For recurring problems, proven templates and strategies are used. This increases quality and reduces implementation and maintenance efforts.

Unit tests are an essential component in the development of modern and complex applications. Through programmed tests of individual components, not every small change to the software requires a detailed test. The functionality can be tested directly by automated tests of single logic components of the software. This way, errors are detected as early as possible, maintenance costs are reduced and agile changes can be made without the fear of side effects.

The right software design is crucial for the success of your project. Thanks to many years of experience, CONSILIO works with you to create future-proof and agile software designs that fit your requirements exactly.

Darius Borecki, Senior Technology Consultant SAPCONSILIO GmbH

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