Would you like to establish and sustain profitable customer relationships through holistic and individual marketing, sales and service concepts?

SAP C/4HANA is the optimal platform and solution to support a customer-oriented, digital e-commerce business strategy. In a single suite, it offers solutions for the following areas: sales, commerce, marketing, service and customer data management. It enables you to perform detailed customer and market-related analyses, bundle customer-related information and processes under a common interface, and systematically generate and track leads, opportunities and campaigns.

The SAP C/4HANA Suite comprises various components. These can be set up individually by the user and optimized to meet the needs of the company. Especially with an integration to SAP S/4HANA, 

these components can generate the greatest benefit for your company. Through different cloud modules, the C/4 solution is ideally scalable. Every requirement finds its functional coverage.

SAP C/4HANA functionalities

The SAP Marketing Cloud is one of the world's leading software solutions for marketing activities. Work with personalized customer interactions - company-wide and in real time.

  • Creation of dynamic customer profiles and segments
  • Personalized messages to customers via various contact channels
  • Scheduling and cost planning for publications via various marketing channels
  • Success tracking and various analysis solutions
  • Workflow management for campaigns and publications

The SAP Marketing Cloud creates informative and dynamic customer profiles. These contain all relevant information for individual communication with target groups - across all channels.


With the SAP Sales Cloud you can optimize your sales and focus on customer relationships.
It gives you a comprehensive overview of every single business opportunity. In a fast moving market, this is more important than ever. With so many points of contact and so much information available to potential customers, they have completed more than half of the sales process before contacting your sales rep for the first time.
With real-time analytics from SAP Sales Cloud, you're always one step ahead and can keep an eye on every opportunity in a pipeline, so the sales team can make the most out of every opportunity.


SAP Commerce Cloud is one of the world's leading software solutions for B2C and B2B commerce. This flexible and cloud-based e-commerce application covers the needs in different areas.

  • Central data management
  • Order Management
  • Search and merchandising functionalities
  • Omnichannel Solution

The Omnichannel solution in particular is the heart of the SAP Commerce Cloud. This solution connects all analog and digital touch points with your customers on one platform.


The SAP Service Cloud places the focus on customer and service experiences. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful customer journey. With the SAP Service Cloud, you can give your employees and technicians real-time access to relevant knowledge. This helps you avoid inconsistent or fragmented experiences and solve problems quickly. Insight into service history and interactions with other departments can significantly improve customer service and bridge the gap between front office interaction and back office processes.

A trusting customer relationship is a key success factor in the B2B and B2C sectors. In times of the DSGVO and other data protection requirements, it is important to gain the trust of customers through transparency and control. This trust must be maintained over the long term, from the beginning to the end of the contact. With the SAP Customer Data Cloud, you can create this trust as well as transparency and customization for your customers.

  • Customer-related integrity such as single sign-on or social login
  • Management of the customer's consent, regarding DSGVO requirements

Customer trust and transparency are at the heart of the SAP Customer Data Cloud. Create more trust and transparency and turn your visitors into loyal regular customers!


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The CONSILIO C/4HANA solution

Are customer relationship management and marketing the focus of sales activities in your company, but are they not currently supported by a suitable IT system or are they not integrated into a logistics IT system?
CONSILIO's specialists design and implement the relevant modules of the C/4HANA system in the cloud for your needs. In addition, we integrate this solution into your existing SAP system landscape and ensure a smooth process from initial contact with your customer, through lead and opportunity management, to invoicing.

CONSILIO accompanies these necessary transformation processes with both technical and business consulting, either remotely or on-site directly at your company. With the necessary expertise, our experts connect your C/4HANA system based on an S/4HANA pre-system. Always with a focus on your special requirements, which result from an integrative approach. 

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Close customer relations and modern marketing are the essence of every company! Missing analyses, logistic integration and system-supported work hinder your sales and marketing in daily business? Then let our experts support you and optimize your processes.

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