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The consistent and constant quality of your products ensures high customer satisfaction in the long term. Only in this way are you able to build up competitive advantages over your direct competitors. If your company does not yet have an integrated quality inspection system, it is not possible to ensure that your products meet a consistently high quality standard. In the worst case, you will experience a high number of complaints and your service level will drop. SAP quality management can be applied at various points in your production process. Both as a quality check in goods receipt at your suppliers, during production, before storage, but also before the goods are shipped to your customers. SAP QM supports you in meeting your challenges and ensuring the consistent and constant quality of your products in the long term.


  • Improved and constant monitoring of the quality situation
  • Extensive analysis functions and statistical process control (SPC)
  • Improvement of product quality 
  • Quality inspection of the products both at incoming and outgoing goods
  • Improved monitoring of the actual situation
  • Controlled intervention becomes possible
Improved product quality
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Project support roll-out in Mexico & Romania

Integration of SAP QM in all goods movements

Global Batch Traceability

Technical SAP support


Our services

  • Implementation of a process for regular quality inspection
  • Configuration of the SAP system for improved batch determination
  • Support in monitoring your quality situation
  • Analysis of the current situation and fit-gap analysis
  • Implementation and optimization of quality and process safety processes and functionalities


  • CONSILIO supports you in implementing regular quality inspections, for example at goods receipt or during production. This is how you ensure the high quality of your products
  • Alternatively, you can check your products instead or in addition during delivery or goods issue. The SAP system also supports you in determining batches. CONSILIO can also provide you with optimal advice in this area.
  • Our experts help you monitor your quality situation. Thanks to extensive analysis functions, you can monitor the current situation and intervene in a controlling manner.
  • CONSILIO supports you with many years of cross-industry experience in the analysis of your current situation and the introduction or optimization of processes and functions to ensure constant quality and process reliability.

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