Product Stewardship

Effectively adhere to compliance rules in the context of safety, health and environmental protection and always pass your environment, health and safety audits

The number and complexity of regulatory requirements in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector is constantly increasing. Take advantage of our many years of experience and optimize your operational safety together with us. Create a comprehensive picture of product safety, hazardous substance management, dangerous goods handling and risk management in every step of your production. Use EH&S, the tool for effective product stewardship.

CONSILIO ensures compliance with the different regulations worldwide and supports you in passing your environment, health and safety audits. With our help you can create a consistent documentation of hazardous substances throughout all production steps and avoid penalties and industrial accidents. Act in conformity with the law at all times.

We solve your challenges

Classify chemicals correctly and thus ensure product safety

  • Thanks to many years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, CONSILIO's experts are able to implement centralized and comprehensive product safety throughout all production stages/sales and areas of your company
  • We analyze your product range, identify and classify all relevant hazardous substances and maintain your specifications
  • We keep your content up to date. This ensures that your reports and relevant documents are up to date. Your products can thus be classified and labelled in compliance with the law.
  • With the help of our experts, you create and archive all relevant documents and reports. Your safety data sheets can be automatically and appropriately prepared and sent in any language and for all sales regions

Benefit from our expertise and always guarantee legally compliant product safety


Meet legal REACH requirements and seamlessly track substance quantities

  • Thanks to our expertise in production planning, we are able to determine and monitor the exact quantities of substances in your company. We are able to ensure the central and comprehensive substance quantity tracking of your company
  • In addition, condensed and multi-year material quantity movements can be documented. This way we can control your material movements in every production step
  • We link quantities of hazardous substances with the respective legal requirements. If certain hazardous substance quantities reach predefined thresholds, an alarm function is activated
  • Our experts introduce Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) in your company. This ensures that you always comply with the REACH Fee Regulations
  • Are you looking for individual customization options according to your needs? Our experienced consultants will provide you with an individual solution proposal based on their extensive industry knowledge

Benefit from our expertise and reduce unnecessary REACH fees


Transport hazardous goods safely and comply with transport regulations

  • CONSILIO's experts ensure the necessary legal conformity of your dangerous goods management, according to global transport laws
  • CONSILIO's experts create the necessary dangerous goods master records for your company centrally and maintain them for you in compliance with the law
  • The necessary expertise enables us to prepare all necessary dangerous goods documents for transport in a simple and safe way. This gives you the certainty of always having the correct dangerous goods documents, UN numbers and the current emergency response catalog

Take advantage of the many years of experience of our consultants and transport your hazardous goods safely and legally compliant from today


Comply with safety regulations for occupational safety and environmental protection

  • Minimize risks and benefit from the expertise of our competent consultants. With us, you can ensure that workplace safety, occupational medicine, accident management and waste management always comply with the current compliance regulations
  • Many years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry enable us to implement an effective and centralized risk management system that covers all production steps of your company
  • Our experts ensure that the area of Health, Safety and Environment is covered holistically and complies with all necessary compliance rules. This is the only way to ensure that your company operates a legally compliant risk management
  • We enable your company to make risk assessments on workplace, substances, environment and health. Our experts are thus able to derive risk management measures that are individually adapted to the situations in your company
  • We analyze the ACTUAL state, determine the possible risks thanks to our experience and define all necessary measures. Our experts document these measures, check them and monitor their effectiveness. If necessary, we adapt the individually developed measures to your requirements

Take advantage of our experience and comply with occupational safety and environmental protection regulations


Our customers:

The CONSILIO service portfolio

Implementation EH&S

  • Understanding your processes is everything. Therefore, our experts start your EH&S implementation project with an overview workshop. All necessary details are determined here
  • Subsequently, a "process readiness" workshop gives your company an insight into whether your internal processes are ready for an EH&S implementation
  • Thanks to many years of expertise, our experts can provide you with the best strategic advice at any time during implementation
  • We create your process design and provide you with an individual project and budget plan
  • The next step is to implement the desired process design in your system
  • User knowledge helps our consultants to customize your system according to your requirements
  • If the functional test was successful, our consultants will carry out the acceptance test necessary for the rollout together with you
  • CONSILIO's specialists transport all required master data into your productive system with the necessary expertise
  • With the necessary expertise, we carry out the go-live, offer you the necessary support and assist you with your project acceptance
  • We also offer individual post-go-live services such as data maintenance, document customization and many other maintenance services

EH&S S/4 Conversion

EH&S Application Outsourcing

Use our Application Management Services to ensure a fast response time as well as high planning and operational reliability. Remain permanently "compliant" thanks to CONSILIO AMS.



Take full control of your product responsibility with SAP EH&S: Product compliance and risk management are securely covered worldwide!

Dr. Fridtjof Schucht, Managing Consultant SAP EH&SCONSILIO GmbH


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