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Connection of automated warehouses

In times of same-day delivery, integrated cooperation between warehouse, production and shipping is indispensable. The automated warehouse serves as a buffer for production and should be available with the right quantities of goods at all times. A connection of the automated warehouse increases the speed enormously, as travel times are reduced. Choosing the right picking system, such as pick-by-light, put-to-light or pick-by-voice, increases efficiency and process quality. An automated warehouse combines the advantages of space-saving automated storage with a higher throughput of goods movements compared to a manual warehouse. Long transport routes and high consolidation costs can be reduced. Your orders can therefore be processed more quickly and goods are delivered earlier or are ready for production more quickly.


  • Space saving storage
  • Higher throughput of goods movement
  • Avoidance of long transport routes
  • Low consolidation effort
  • Reduction of missing parts
  • Process cost reduction for assembly and KITs
  • Pre-picking and buffering of requirements in the automated warehouse
  • Reduction of buffer areas in production
  • Higher output with unchanged personnel capacities
  • Monitoring of the maturing process
  • Optimal material supply according to the demand from production

An extract of our projects



Conception, connection & interface development of the automatic roller storage system

Batch & material determination with best-fit strategy

Brake systems manufacturer

Brake systems manufacturer

Conception, connection & interface development of the automatic shuttle warehouse

Pick-by-Light picking

Implementation of direct KIT creation at the picking station

Our services

  • Analysis of individual and customer-specific requirements
  • Transformation of the SAP WM LSR interface into the Stock Room Management architecture
  • Consulting regarding picking options via Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice etc.
  • Connection of the material flow control
  • Interface design and implementation
  • Development and optimization of the holistic logistics process


  • Thanks to many years of warehouse management project experience, we map all your logistics processes in a comprehensible and transparent way and thus ensure that your logistics processes can be further developed and optimized in a holistic and future-oriented manner.
  • With the necessary know-how, our experts conduct the necessary workshops for process analysis and transform the SAP WM LSR interface into the stock room management architecture for you.
  • With our expertise in picking strategies, we support you in defining and mapping the right picking system for you

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