CONSILIO SAP IBP Best Practices & Industry Solutions

Do you have planning requirements that go beyond the SAP standard for IBP?

Benefit from our industry expertise. You too can use CONSILIO's industry-specific templates and planning key figures in your IBP project.

How supply chain management benefits from IT-based solutions

Current challenges for supply chain management, production planning and logistics

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OEM, Machinery & Plant Engineering

  • Rolling hierarchical program planning at line, product group and product levels
  • Strongly varying demand patterns and special features of the products
  • Demanding company-specific calculation logics
  • Consideration of monetary key figures incl. currency conversion
  • Mapping of variable assignments of types to type series over time
  • SAP IBP Quick Start ​​​​​​​

Logistics & Transport Service Provider

  • Demand and capacity forecasts for transport and handling capacities.
  • Mapping of different modes of transport (ship, rail, truck), customers, product and resource types:
    • Rail slots
    • Regular railroads
    • Quays
    • Trade lanes & calendars
    • Loading terminals
    • Truck dispatch areas etc.
  • Shift models
  • Consideration of pull demand and push supply through planning logic
  • Integration of non-SAP logistics systems with the IBP cloud solution


CONSILIO IBP Potential Check

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  • Strong seasonal fluctuations, sales and production not synchronized
  • Integration into order processing process and connection of dealers for order processing
  • Mapping of lines / cycles, variable shift models
  • Variable assignment of products to locations, resources, type families
  • To reduce combinatorial complexity, the product number in SAP IBP is modeled to contain the end product
  • The percentage allocation of quantities according to the other attributes is kept only at the end product level


Consumer Goods, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Long-term operational scenario planning
  • Short-term demand sensing
  • Planning without ERP master data desired ("what-if?")
  • Run-up curves for product launches
  • Seasonal fluctuations of supply and demand for pharmaceutical products
  • Availability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Limited capacities in formulation and packaging

Many companies have planning requirements that go beyond the SAP IBP standard. We are happy to support you with our industry expertise and provide you with our industry-specific templates and key figures for your IBP project.

Christoph Habla, PartnerCONSILIO GmbH

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