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SAP Environment, Health, Safety (EHS)

Ensure with the help of EHS the consistent adherence to the constantly changing compliance regulations

Use the tools of the EHS module to comply with all necessary environmental, health and safety regulations. Ensure that your employees are protected while performing their work. This can only be achieved if your SAP EHS module is always up-to-date in terms of technology and content. Take advantage of our expertise and make sure that the legal security of your company is guaranteed. 
The SAP EHS module is a combination of several SAP components. An EHS system developed individually for you integrates perfectly into your SAP ERP. EHS enables you to use data from various existing SAP modules such as MM, PP and HR. The aim is to support documentation and processing during production with hazardous substances. Use EHS to ensure consistent adherence to changing compliance regulations.


The CONSILIO EHS solution

Your company does not yet have an EHS system? That is no problem.
Our experts at CONSILIO will implement and customize an EHS system for you in the shortest possible time. This solution tailored to your requirements will be integrated into your existing SAP system landscape. CONSILIO updates existing EHS systems and brings them up to the latest state of the art. We maintain them according to your needs and adapt them to your challenges. Our experts take this step either remotely or on-site. We carry out the conversion to S/4HANA for your EHS system. In doing so, we make sure that all relevant functions are transferred to the new platform. A CONSILIO add-on solution gives your company a decisive advantage: It provides an optimized operating and integration cockpit.

With SAP EHS, you have your product stewardship fully under control:
Product compliance and risk management are hereby securely covered worldwide!

Dr. Fridtjof Schucht, Managing Consultant SAP EHS CONSILIO GmbH Contact expert


Your EHS S/4HANA Transformation

SAP SE has announced that it will only support the R/3 ECC 6.0 platform until 2025. SAP is already investing a large part of its development in S/4HANA products.
For most customers, it is not possible to take a "greenfield" approach in the transformation to S/4HANA, i.e. to build a completely new and isolated EH&S system. Most companies are often left with only the tedious and time-consuming option of converting their existing system. This transformation is technically extremely demanding and requires the execution of experienced specialists. You will find exactly these specialists at CONSILIO! We have experience in the S/4HANA conversion of all SAP modules. Our consultants carry out the transformation of your system and support you effectively and successfully. Why wait any longer? S/4HANA conversion now - with CONSILIO as a strong partner at your side. 

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