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Transparent presentation of the income statement

With Margin Analysis in S/4HANA, internal accounting is merged onto a common, all-encompassing line item table together with external accounting. Through real-time integration in the Universal Journal and extended functionalities, Margin Analysis, as a further development of accounting-based Profitability Analysis, moves into the focus of management reporting and fulfills the requirements for efficient, internal reporting.

The account-based presentation eliminates time-consuming reconciliation work and reduces the workload of the specialist department. Real-time integration with financial accounting ensures consistency of figures and increases transparency in accounting. In addition, the integration of incoming sales orders and statistical postings enables flexible reporting.

SAP plans to implement all future developments for internal reporting in Margin Analysis. The classic profitability analysis with the imputed or accounting approach will not be developed further. Against this background, a conception and implementation of Margin Analysis is mandatory within the scope of an S/4HANA transformation. Meet this challenge and guarantee transparent profitability analysis.


  • Due to the quantity reference it is possible to evaluate key figures of the profit and loss statement with quantity reference
  • Integration into the cost component split of material costing and the variance categories from production allow flexible and multi-level contribution margin accounting
  • Variance categories from production can be flexibly displayed in their own value fields
  • Calculatory valuation approaches can be mapped
  • Relief of the specialist department
  • Sales orders can be updated with quantities, price conditions and CoS
  • Simplified reconciliation with financial accounting
  • Real-time reconciliation is possible
  • No need for reconciliation between external and internal accounting
  • Processes become more transparent

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Engine manufacturer

Engine manufacturer

Ensure single source of truth approach.

Accounting COPA embedded in ACDOCA to replace costing COPA

Parallelization of the value flow

Our services

  • Design and implementation of the entire value flow
  • Extension of the existing processes and functionalities for the parallelization of the value flow
  • Set up of the segment reports
  • Embedding of the accounting COPA in ACDOCA
  • Ensuring the "single source of truth" approach in the Universal Journal
  • Adaptation of processes, master data and structures


  • With many years of experience in finance and controlling, CONSILIO supports you in the design and implementation of the entire value flow. This simplifies the reconciliation with financial accounting and relieves the specialist department.
  • Our experts ensure the "single source of truth" approach in the Universal Journal. This guarantees transparent processes and real-time reconciliations
  • With the necessary expertise, CONSILIO embeds the accounting COPA in ACDOCA and provides you with a transparent view of your profitability analysis. 

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