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Securing logistics chains in terms of customs & criminal law

As an internationally active company, the status as an authorized economic operator (AEO) brings you many advantages, such as simplified and faster customs clearance, classification as a trustworthy and reliable economic operator and reduced customs inspection. In addition, AEO certification of your partners is mandatory for many business partners and distinguishes you as a trustworthy company. Meet your challenges and guarantee that your AEO status is maintained and that you benefit from the competitive advantages that come with it. To meet status requirements, you need to ensure both systemically and extra-systemically that all foreign trade-related data in your supply chain is checked for accuracy. Using SAP GTS makes it easier for you to comply with customs regulations and your internal and external logistics chains, and secures your processes.

If these requirements cannot be met, you could face penalties and the loss of your AEO authorization. Gross violations can result in your company being placed on a sanctions list and partially or completely excluded from international trade. SAP GTS also protects you from conducting business transactions with sanctioned companies or persons by automatically checking all system-relevant transactions against the sanctions list and blocking them if they match. Of course, SAP GTS also offers a general check option for companies and persons for which there is no system-related transaction, such as visitors.


  • Legally compliant logistics processes 
  • Verified and valid business contacts
  • Legally and logistically secure supply chains
  • Secure handling of embargo and sanctions lists
  • Better overview of products relevant to customs and foreign trade
  • Compliance with international guidelines
  • Protection against criminal consequences through compliance with current legislation

Tool manufacturer

Tool manufacturer

Implementation project of the SAP GTS solution as part of the SAP S/4HANA conversion

Replacement of a NonSAP tool for foreign trade

Engine manufacturer

Engine manufacturer

Holistic implementation of compliance testing for the beach locations in the US & Canada

Holistic implementation of tariffing for the beach locations in the USA & Canada

Our services

  • Analysis of your entire product range
  • Identification and classification of all relevant products that are subject to customs and foreign trade legislation
  • Conversion of the logistics chain with focus on embargo situations
  • Legal and logistical safeguarding of your logistics chain
  • Business contact check according to international guidelines


  • Together with you, we adapt your logistics chain so that you are legally and logistically protected at all times against requirements arising from UN embargo situations.
  • Our experts analyze your entire product range. They identify and classify all relevant products that are subject to customs and foreign trade legal requirements.
  • CONSILIO ensures that your business contacts are screened according to international guidelines (santioned party list screening) and are always valid. This is the only way to protect your company from criminal consequences and sanctions.

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