Replace or continue SAP SRM with S/4HANA

Like many other SAP solutions, SAP SRM has reached the end of its lifecycle. Now, especially in the context of an S/4HANA implementation, the question arises: Should SAP SRM continue to be used in combination with SAP S/4HANA for the time being, or should the S/4HANA introduction be taken as an opportunity to replace SAP SRM at an early stage? Both options bring challenges and advantages. We have looked at both sides to help you make the right decision.


Continue to use SAP SRM 

Replace SAP SRM

  • Full concentration on your S/4HANA project
  • Prevent capacity bottlenecks in IT and business
  • Reduction of the project risk of the S/4HANA implementation
  • All S/4HANA innovations already at go-live
  • Process improvements can be fully realized
  • Simplification of the IT landscape

An excerpt of our Sourcing & Procurement projects.



SAP S/4HANA Greenfield Implementation

Connection of SAP SRM to S/4HANA

Implementation of approval workflows


Our services

  • Demo sessions of SRM functionalities in S/4HANA
  • Everything from a single source: SAP S/4HANA implementation including an SAP SRM connection
  • Development of an optimal transformation strategy
  • Replacement of your SAP SRM system during or after an S/4HANA implementation
  • Introduction of Central Procurement
  • Connection of SAP Ariba


  • We support you with our project experience in SRM - S/4HANA Conversion, so you can focus on your S/4HANA implementation
  • Do you want to move your SRM functionalities in the direction of S/4HANA and/or Ariba? CONSILIO supports you from the creation of a roadmap to the implementation of an SRM replacement.
  • Whether you want to continue your SRM or replace SRM, we support you in developing and implementing the optimal transformation strategy for your SRM system.

Optimally prepared for the migration to S/4HANA!

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