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SAP export control

Automated checking of goods, sanctions and embargo lists for secure business processes in import and export

In many countries, goods are subject to legal control regarding export release by local authorities, such as the BAFA in Germany. In other regions of the world, the export of goods within certain limits is generally prohibited.In some countries, on the other hand, export is not permitted if goods contain a proportion of primary materials of US origin. It is therefore necessary to check goods, sanctions and embargo lists and to clarify whether the movement of goods is subject to special permits. Especially if a company exports a lot, this control of export processes becomes a challenge.

Do you know if your goods require an export license?

Exporting companies are faced with a complex export control process.  Because if they produce and sell technologically high-value goods, they have to ensure that their export processes are controlled from production to shipping to the end customer. In particular, it is their task to be able to provide information to the control authorities at all times and to comply with the law. Violations of the law can result in fines and criminal prosecution, which can threaten the existence of companies.

Do not take any compliance risk: Automate your export control

The law does not prescribe how a company should avoid products that are relevant for testing and their business processing - or how to log and archive test procedures. However, anyone who regularly exports goods should opt for a system-supported solution.
For this purpose, the SAP solution from the field of export control integrated in the GTS system is suitable as an automated verification.

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Integrated, automated functions of SAP GTS export control:

  • Check of goods lists
  • Checking the end use
  • Review of embargo lists
  • Monitoring of the inspection documents
  • Logging of the test procedures


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CONSILIO's experts advise you consistently - to ensure compliance with legal regulations as well as effective anchoring in business processes and organisational integration in your company.

Maintain an overview: Your advantages with the GTS export control

  • Compliance with national and international regulations
  • Automated testing of materials in the master and transaction data
  • Automated, process-accompanying export control in sales and shipping
  • Documentation of test procedures and results
  • Permits can be obtained and managed transparently
  • Avoidance of compliance risks
  • Export control is fully integrated into SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
  • Relief of the specialist departments through automated testing processes

With end-to-end, software-supported export control, you can secure all your company's import and export business processes in the long term - fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

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