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Backorder processing of customer orders

In the best case, desired delivery dates can be met. However, this cannot always be guaranteed due to various factors. However, it is important that this delay can be identified as early as possible in order to be able to offer the customer the best possible alternative delivery date. Among the mass of orders, however, it is often not transparent which customer order has priority. More and more work is required, but the company does not always have sufficient resources to cope with the workload and maintain an overview of the current order situation. This can lead to unwanted delays, which can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Backorder processing gives you the opportunity to shift a large part of the workload to your SAP system. Face your challenges and ensure that orders are not lost or forgotten in the future.


  • Increased delivery reliability
  • Transparency through system support
  • New functionalities in S/4HANA aATP, which previously could only be implemented in a complicated way with an additional system
  • Important customers can be prioritized, thus the customer base can be bound and expanded
  • Partial automation through rule sets


  • Together with you and your sales representatives, we will optimize your backorder processing in the customer order environment.
  • We work with you to develop practical solutions that take into account the functional requirements of rescheduling in your business environment.

Our services

  • Conversion of your backorder processing in the customer order environment
  • Development of practical solutions
  • Requirement analysis in the context of rescheduling in your business environment
  • Optimization of your sales order process

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