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Unified view in accounting - integrating finance and controlling

Company management, especially CFOs and the finance department, need transparent and reliable figures for their decisions and meaningful planning. In many cases, this data is not available in the required quality because value flows are often interrupted or not continuous. This is usually due to historical reasons: In the past, it was assumed that the areas of internal and external accounting were independent of each other from a business point of view and required their own applications and data bases. This circumstance increased the reconciliation effort due to different and redundant data from different applications and sources. The Universal Journal in S/4HANA eliminates this problem. It bundles all relevant internal and external accounting data and transactions in one table (ACDOCA) and makes it available to the corresponding applications. Meet the challenge and create a unified view in accounting. Guarantee that finance and controlling have access to coordinated and standardized data that guarantees the "single source of truth" approach.


  • Harmonization of external and internal reporting
  • Fast close (month-end closing possible in 1-2 days)
  • Data reconciliation between different tables becomes obsolete
  • Data duplicates are eliminated
  • Less storage space is required for data storage
  • Data throughput is significantly higher
  • Embedded Analytics enables flexible, user-friendly reporting with access to enriched line items in Universal Journal

An excerpt of our Finance & Controlling projects.



Merging internal & external accounting in UJ through S/4HANA transformation.

Ensuring the real-time integration of internal & external accounting

Engine manufacturer

Engine manufacturer

Introduction Margin Analysis

Design & implementation of new functionalities under S/4HANA

Our services

  • Identification of weaknesses and processes that need improvement; from both a business and IT perspective
  • Identification of strategic and system requirements
  • Analysis of the existing system landscape (ERP, legacy systems, BW systems, consolidation, interfaces, integration, homogeneity)
  • Examination of the existing process landscape for uniformity and responsibility
  • Analysis of the functions used, including determination of the implementation options and the conversion effort to SAP S/4HANA functionalities
  • Definition of the necessary reengineering activities
  • Unification of data models
  • Consolidation and standardization of processes
  • Introduction and use of new reporting functions
  • Use of new functionalities to accelerate month-end closing in FI
  • Central business partner maintenance through the new Business Partner functionalities


  • Many available best practices in the area of finance and controlling give us the opportunity to identify weaknesses and processes in need of improvement at an early stage. How to ensure a fast close
  • Our experts help you with the necessary know-how to check the existing process landscape for consistency and responsibility. How to enable flexible and user-friendly reporting
  • CONSILIO supports you in the introduction of the Universal Journal and thus creates a uniform view of your accounting for your company

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