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Perform demand simulations and what-if scenarios

Supplying your company with materials in line with demand is of paramount importance for the reliability of your production. By comprehensively simulating your requirements and running what-if scenarios, you can quickly and easily check your capacity utilization and identify any bottlenecks and production problems that may arise at an early stage. Counteract disruptions and guarantee improved analysis, evaluation and simulation of your demand situation. Ensure that the capacity on your existing production lines is sufficient.


  • Earlier detection of capacity bottlenecks
  • Increase of delivery capability
  • Simulation of demand scenarios
  • Transparent presentation of production capacities
Increase in delivery capacity
Earlier detection of capacity bottlenecks

Our services

  • Analysis of the requirements of simulation possibilities in your company
  • Design of simulation capabilities with S/4HANA, IBP, SCM APO, etc.
  • Setup of all necessary services
  • Coaching and training


  • Our experts implement a solution adapted to your needs, with which you can analyze, evaluate and simulate your future demand situations
  • Together with you, CONSILIO carries out simulations with changed demand scenarios. This gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of your production and enables you to assess whether a changed order situation can still be met with the available capacity
  • With the necessary expertise, we support you in adjusting and optimizing your production plans on a large scale. This allows you to quickly identify capacity bottlenecks and proactively take countermeasures

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