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SCM industry solution for project and custom manufacturers

Put your supply chain planning and processes to the test

A decisive success factor for companies in project and make-to-order production is the complete mapping of the entire planning of engineer-to-order processes. This is because planning across all manufacturing processes is crucial for a successful industrial project flow.

Do you want to be able to master the ever more demanding planning in the future? With our SCM industry solution for project and make-to-order manufacturers, you can optimize your processes from project or order processing to production planning and production control.

The solution has the following performance features:

  • Integrated transparent processes from acquisition, design and production to delivery
  • Planning to ensure that deadlines are met
  • Prevent cannibalization of already confirmed customer orders by scheduling short-term orders
  • Early recognition and reaction to exceptional situations
  • Creation of feasible, stable production plans taking into account capacities, materials and restrictions
  • Consideration of alternative production methods
  • Consideration of planning buffers, no extensive rescheduling or new planning for minor deviations
  • Efficient and consistent master data creation and management
  • Numerous predefined settings, user and planning profiles, customizing for the production planning run, presetting of the detailed planning table and heuristics

Your benefits through the implementation of best-practice planning processes:

  • Feasible, stable production plans
  • Early information regarding technical feasibility, calculation and delivery date
  • Increased adherence to schedules
  • Increased productivity through setup time optimization and optimal use of production resources
  • Shortened throughput times and reduced inventories
  • Efficient tools for automatic and manual planning
  • Increased transparency with the help of continuous, comprehensive processes
  • Avoidance of missing parts
  • Clear user interfaces

Do some or all of the following criteria apply to your company? Then this solution is exactly right for you!

Use of the SAP project planning solution (PS), high customer-specific requirements, strong change dynamics in order processing, high vertical integration including assembly processing as well as many new materials for the procurement and production of a product.

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