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Finance & Controlling

New legal and tax requirements, logistics process adjustments, company-wide harmonized processes and data, increasing automation and ever new reporting requirements.

CFOs and their teams are confronted with various challenges on a daily basis. In addition, these changed requirements demand new tools. In addition, technological progress in the application market is also forcing processes, master data, and

to rethink and restructure organizational structures. The technology factor - in particular the use of innovative and strategic tools such as S/4HANA Finance - represents a key success aspect in the transformation of finance as a support function.

We solve your challenges

Unified view in accounting - integrating finance and controlling

Ensure that you have access to coordinated and uniform data in finance and controlling, thus guaranteeing the "single source of truth approach".

Transparent presentation of the income statement

The account-based presentation eliminates time-consuming reconciliation work and relieves your specialist department. Real-time integration with financial accounting ensures consistency of figures and increases the transparency of your accounting.

Minimize default risks and optimize credit management

Guarantee a comprehensive picture of your business partners and which default risk is to be expected. Automatically check creditworthiness at order entry and at the time of goods issue. This is the only way to reduce bad debt losses and evaluate business partners quickly and reliably.

More efficiency for accounts receivable and accounts payable

Using Business Partner in S/4HANA brings benefits. Face the challenges of a Business Partner Conversion and thus create more efficiency for your accounts receivable and accounts payable in the long term.

Real time and on the fly reporting

The Virtual Data Model builds on the new HANA tables and enables new reporting possibilities on S/4HANA through a large network of virtual data models. This makes it possible for your end and key users to run reporting more efficiently and in a more goal-oriented manner.


CONSILIO has long been a very competent and reliable partner for us with comprehensive knowledge that impresses with know-how and expertise. The experts at CONSILIO GmbH are working closely with us to successfully support the S/4HANA greenfield implementation of a Deloitte client. Especially in the area of S/4HANA finance, but also in the organisation of the project work as well as the roll-outs, the CONSILIO employees are convincing with their high level of commitment and their profound expertise. I look forward to further successful cooperation.

Markus Zorn, Lead Finance & Performance Deloitte Consulting Switzerland

CONSILIO supports your FICO projects

Business process analysis and process optimization

  • Harmonization of structures and master data
  • Analysis and adaptation of your finance and controlling processes (PTP, CTC, RTR and FP&A)

Implementation and transformation projects in the S/4HANA and ECC environment

One of the most significant changes in S/4HANA is the merging of internal and external accounting in the Universal Journal.

The new general ledger is not an option, it is mandatory! The functionalities of parallel accounting and document splitting known from the new general ledger with the balance sheet and P&L presentation on BU level (including profit center and segment) is now extended by the integration of the accounting-based profitability analysis. For a meaningful use of these functionalities - and so that the IT implementation or S/4 transformation can deliver the desired added value and form a corresponding competitive advantage - a harmonization of structures, master data and processes should take place.

On your way to S/4HANA, we offer the following services:

Development of a roadmap and a migration strategy for the transition to S/4HANA Finance. FICO should be seen as part of the overall strategy for the migration to S/4HANA. FICO activities should be integrated into the overall project plan and considered in coordination with the IT strategy and the planned design and implementation in logistics.

FICO reengineering projects and introduction of new functionalities

Migration of FICO master and transaction data

Migration of FICO master and transaction data. Both general and from ERP to S/4HANA.

The Finance and Controlling module is of central importance in the S/4HANA transformation

Particularly in the context of a system conversion, organizational and system-related considerations must be made and activities planned in finance at an early stage. The conversion to business partners, to the new asset accounting and the new general ledger are mandatory in S/4HANA and must be prepared accordingly. In addition, due to the technical conversions in FI/CO, customizing and data must be migrated separately as part of the S/4HANA conversion.
CONSILIO S/4HANA-transformation

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