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Do you want to reduce process costs in procurement, increase sourcing success and make your IT architecture in purchasing fit for the future?


Have your procurement processes and IT systems "grown historically" and now cause a lot of time and effort?
Are you currently thinking about how you can meaningfully develop purchasing within the framework of a pending S/4HANA implementation and optimize existing procedures in the process?

Are you thinking about how to improve supplier collaboration by using cloud procurement?
Talk to us. Our CONSILIO consultants have many years of experience in purchasing and have accompanied numerous IT implementations. We listen to you and support your project - tailored to your individual situation.

We solve your challenges

Lower process costs in the procurement

  • We support you in automating your operative purchasing activities in SAP to increase your "No-Touch-Order Rate"
  • Our goal is to establish standards in your company and reduce individual solutions - the CONSILIO experts help you to design your processes according to SAP best practice
  • We support you in reducing your free-text purchase orders. CONSILIO implements this through a catalog strategy individually tailored to your company
  • Stay compliant - especially in purchasing. Our experts support you in setting up your approval workflows

Use our expertise and reduce the long-term process costs of your procurement



Ensure procurement for your production

  • Material, supplier (business partner) or sources of supply - being able to provide master data in the right quality at the right time is the key to a fully automated procurement
  • MRP Planning runs and the resulting schedule lines or requirement requests are the basis for your material supply - CONSILIO supports you with many years of experience in material resource planning
  • Establish an automated document exchange with CONSILIO. Whether delivery schedules or orders - EDI (Electronic-Data-Interchange) is an important component in the production environment in order to be able to communicate orders directly to your suppliers
  • Do you use special procurement processes such as subcontracting, consignment or pipeline? We ensure that these processes run smoothly in your company
  • The tracking of bonus agreements with your supplier is still done via Excel. CONSILIO supports you in implementing fully integrated rebate processing within SAP

Use our expertise and create added value for your company. Ensure future-proof procurement for your production.



Increase your purchasing success

  • Always be one step ahead of your suppliers. Identify cost saving potentials early on through proactive reporting and monitoring via SAP Fiori
  • CONSILIO supports you in developing your supplier portfolio into a strategic advantage over your competitors
  • Make optimal use of your bundling potential - CONSILIO helps you to create suitable conditions in your SAP system

Trust in our experience and increase the long-term purchasing success of your company.



Optimally prepared for the migration from SAP MM to S/4HANA

  • SAP has announced the end of maintenance for SAP ERP. It is advisable for your company to prepare for the changeover to SAP S/4HANA at an early stage. We support you with our experience in implementing your S/4HANA transformation
  • Thanks to migration projects with various companies from different industries, we know the obstacles and problems of a S/4HANA migration
  • Our experts prepare you and your employees optimally for the migration from SAP MM to S/4HANA and support you at every stage of the implementation
  • We guarantee you a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA
  • No matter whether greenfield or brownfield approach. CONSILIO supports you with the necessary industry knowledge

Be optimally prepared together with CONSILIO for the maintenance end of SAP ERP and the migration to SAP S/4HANA.



Run SAP SRM with S/4HANA

  • Many companies do not want to overburden their business and IT. For the time being, they plan to continue operating their SRM and SLC landscape with an S/4HANA migration
  • We support you with our project experience in the area of SRM - S/4HANA Conversion, so you can focus on your S/4HANA implementation
  • You want to shift your SRM functionalities towards S/4HANA and/or Ariba? CONSILIO supports you in the creation of a roadmap up to the implementation of an SRM replacement
  • Whether you want to continue your SRM or replace it, we support you in developing and implementing the optimal transformation strategy for your SRM system

Use our practical experience and continue to operate your SRM under S/4HANA.



Optimizing supplier collaborations - The leap into the cloud

  • Modern cloud platforms offer numerous possibilities for professional data exchange with your suppliers. From Supplier Qualification & Performance Management, eSourcing and eAuctions  to web-based exchange of purchasing documents with automatic posting of incoming invoices
  • The advantage here is obvious. The collection and exchange of data is automated - an important prerequisite for you as a purchaser to address strategic issues in supplier management
  • Many companies have already gained experience in using cloud procurement platforms. Often, however, a clear strategy or integration into the ERP system is missing
  • Our experts can draw on years of experience and support you in connecting SAP Ariba or other cloud procurement solutions

Take advantage of our experience and get ready for the cloud and future-oriented solutions.



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