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Analytical Fiori Apps in purchasing

Strategically or operationally - evaluations in purchasing are omnipresent. Does your reporting currently also consists of various SAP transactions, Excel exports, S-references and PowerPoint diagrams?

This is over now!
Fiori apps revolutionize your evaluation possibilities. Excel exports and time-consuming preparation of data in Excel and PowerPoint are a thing of the past. Offer your purchasing organization reporting options tailored to the end user - from the clerk to the management - and on-the-fly in real-time.

TOP 3 Analytical-Fiori Apps in purchasing

Procurement overview - the app for operational purchasing

Supplier evaluation - the app for the strategic buyer

Activities of the purchasing group - the app for purchasing management


  • Exploit strategic advantages in purchasing over your competitors
  • Making optimal use of bundling potential
  • Use key figures for purchasing negotiations
  • Proactive reporting and monitoring
  • All purchasing KPIs available in a dashboard at a glance
  • Identify potential cost savings at an early stage

An excerpt of our Sourcing & Procurement projects.

Carton producer

Carton producer

Implementation of the entire purchasing reporting in Flori.

Introduction of a fast and lean user interface through the use of key user tools



Implementation of the standard Analytical FIORI Apps

Whether transactional or analytical Fiori apps. The full potential of an S/4Hana introduction is only realized with the use of Fiori. We support you in developing a Fiori concept tailored to your company.

Matthias Lebschy, Consultant MM & MRP CONSILIO GmbH Contact expert

Fiori Groups of Sourcing & Procurement at a glance

  • Order processing
  • Source of supply management
  • Purchase contract processing
  • Delivery schedule processing
  • Shopping bonuses
  • Purchase bonus processing
  • Procurement-related activities (supplier development - internal)
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Purchase analyses for orders
  • Purchase analyses for contracts
  • Purchase analyses for invoices
  • Purchase analyses for supplier evaluation
  • Analysis function for central purchasing
  • Comprehensive purchasing analyses
  • Manager Approvals - My Inbox
  • Employee Self Services
  • Stock overview
  • Manage Reservations
  • Inventory analysis
  • Stock monitoring
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory handling/processing
  • Warehouse processing
  • Supplier invoice processing
  • Employee Self Services


  • Purchase configuration
  • Classification / Segmentation
  • Monitoring of processes in central procurement
  • Supplier base
  • Supplier Governance
  • Business Partner Governance
  • Material Governance

Our services

  • Demo of all relevant Fiori Apps
  • Introduction and customisation of reporting apps in purchasing
  • Development of Fiori Apps for company-specific KPIs in purchasing
  • Training and coaching of your employees in the use of the latest Fiori apps and technologies

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