CONSILIO solution for production data collection

Continuous improvement and increased efficiency in production

You want to introduce a solution for production data collection but neither the PDC module in the SAP standard nor the current S/4HANA release meet your requirements? No problem. We close this gap with the CONSILIO PDC solution, which can be integrated into SAP S/4HANA and ERP EHP8.

App highlights

production processes

by recording important operating data

Provision of key performance indicators

on the basis of the data collected

Intuitive to use

via Fiori user interface



of production-relevant documents

on the shopfloor

Notification in case of

Analysis capability and rapid remediation

Function and benefits of the solution

The CONSILIO solution for plant data collection (PDC) is a Fiori application that you can integrate with SAP S/4HANA and ERP EHP8.
The solution enables you to display information on relevant processes and statuses that occur in a manufacturing company during the operational value creation process. This includes, for example, information on the worklist for a workstation. With the PDA application, you can map a
production process in detail, all reported order, operation, machine and process data are collected.
The information obtained is processed and evaluated in a central system, allowing you to identify optimization potential. A simplified and intuitive user interface gives you direct access to your production processes.

On the basis of the recorded data from ongoing operations, the current situation of your production facility is comprehensible and transparent for you at all times. All production orders to be produced are displayed per workstation and can be reported and confirmed in relation to operations. In addition, the progress of production orders is displayed and can be checked quickly and easily.
A document repository in the work process allows you to store and display drawings and other order documents as PDFs. It is also possible to jump to other apps, for example, to enter an inspection lot in the "Record inspection results" app. The collected operating data is consolidated into key performance indicators and is available to production planning and control for reporting, analysis and to derive necessary measures.

Display of BDE production processes
Display of BDE production processes
Display of order documents in PDF format
Display of order documents in PDF format

Thanks to CONSILIO's professional support, we can successfully replace our legacy system and take full advantage of the strengths of the SAP standard and CONSILIO solutions under S/4HANA.

Roy Lazonby, Head of IT & CIO MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG See reference project

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