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Are ad hoc evaluations in purchasing currently not possible in your company? Do your purchasers have to go to the trouble of calculating purchasing KPIs in Excel? There is a high risk that you lack full transparency on prices, supplier performance and order volumes. Only with full transparency of all purchasing KPIs can the buyer's work be optimized so that purchasing can contribute to the company's performance. But real-time reporting is not the only way to increase your purchasing success. Digitize your strategic purchasing and bring your tender and supplier management processes into your SAP system, away from Outlook and Excel. Use Fiori to take your strategic purchasing to a new level and, at the same time, lay the foundation for steadily increasing your purchasing success.


  • Exploit strategic advantages in purchasing over your competitors
  • Exploit bundling potentials optimally
  • Use of key figures for purchasing negotiations
  • Proactive reporting and monitoring
  • All purchasing KPIs available in a dashboard at a glance
  • Fully integrated rebate processing with your suppliers
  • Identify cost savings potential at an early stage

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Our services

  • Demo of all relevant Fiori Apps
  • Introduction and customization of reporting apps in purchasing
  • Development of Fiori Apps for company-specific KPIs in purchasing
  • Training and coaching of your employees in the use of the latest Fiori Apps and technologies
  • Automation of supplier bonus processing


  • We support you with our certified Fiori know-how. Create the basis of real-time reporting in purchasing with the help of Fiori Apps lay
  • CONSILIO supports you in developing your supplier portfolio into a strategic advantage over your competitors

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