Synchronization of planning processes

Companies are often faced with the complex challenge of optimally synchronizing their planning processes. Inefficient coordination between the individual departments inevitably leads to higher costs. Do your planners carry out time-consuming reconciliations in local Excel files? This inevitably leads to friction losses and makes your supply chain prone to errors. Rise to the challenge and synchronize your planning by implementing an S&OP process. Achieve a better planning result in the long run.


  • Less coordination effort between the departments and thus an improved planning result
  • Less friction and need for coordination leads to a lower susceptibility to errors in the supply chain
  • System makes planner aware of exceptions Planner can thus focus on essential points
  • Combination of demand and supply planning
Less coordination effort
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better planning results
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fewer planning errors

An excerpt of our supply chain planning projects.

Logistics service provider

Logistics service provider

Introduction of S&OP process for harmonization of transport & hub planning

Harmonization of demand & capacity planning

Creation of a uniform data basis for planning

Our services

  • Analysis of cross-plant planning processes and organizational responsibilities in the company
  • Identification of weaknesses, effort drivers, etc.
  • Presentation of improvement potentials and recommendations for action
  • Establishment of an S&OP process for cross-departmental coordination


  • Our experts analyze your entire planning processes and the organizational responsibilities in companies across all plants. Based on this analysis, we work with you to develop your new S&OP process
  • We advise you with our experience from numerous successful S&OP projects and also set up an S&OP process for your company for cross-departmental coordination. This will enable you to better analyze restrictions in your supply chain network in the future, identify exceptions at an early stage and always determine alternative courses of action in good time
  • Many available best practices in the area of supply chain planning give us the opportunity to identify weaknesses and effort drivers in your planning at an early stage and to present you with potential for improvement. This means that in the future you will be able to draw on a consolidated, cross-departmental overall plan

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