Sanction list check (SAP SPL)

Integrate Sanction Party List Screening into your SAP solution

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the European Community issued regulations based on UN Security Council resolutions to combat terrorism. On the basis of these resolutions, the two resolutions 1373 (2001) and 1390 (2002) were also adopted and became legally binding in the EU.
The sanction list check does not only concern exporting companies, 

but every company in the EU is obliged according to the current legal situation to check its business contacts and the legality of transactions against official sanction lists. They must ensure that customers, suppliers and employees are not on sanction lists. Any contact, let alone sales activities with persons, organizations and institutions listed there must be avoided without exception!

How well do you know your business contacts?

If a company violates the law on sanctions lists, this is treated as an embargo violation and, in the worst case, can lead to the company itself being placed on one of the sanctions lists. And this often means ruin for the affected company.By matching the address data with the sanctions lists, a company minimizes the risk of unintentional contact with listed groups of people and organizations.

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Be on the safe side when it comes to compliance: Automate sanctions list checks with SAP GTS

The law does not prescribe how a company must ensure that business contact with the listed persons, companies and institutions is avoided in its embargo regulations. If your company uses a large amount of contact data, you should consider an IT software solution for easier and time-saving handling.
For this purpose, the SAP solution from the area of export control

and sanction list check with automated validation, which is integrated in the GTS system, is ideal. In particular, the approach of an integrated solution has the great advantage that all logistical processes are continuously checked and validated. Possible infringements can be immediately prevented by SAP GTS in further logistical processing.

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CONSILIO offers you integrated consulting - both for SAP GTS sanction list checks and for the logistic process chains in SAP S/4HANA and ERP.

Your advantages through GTS export control in the field of sanction list inspection:

  • Master and transaction data are checked automatically
  • An automated check is performed in sales, purchasing and accounting
  • The automated check always works with current sanctions lists
  • The sanctions list check is fully integrated into SAP ERP
  • You save time and can concentrate on your core business
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Many companies believe that they are not affected by the issue of sanctions list checks because they only do business within Germany or the EU. This is a misjudgment that can have serious consequences for them.

Daniel Stelmach, Principal ConsultantCONSILIO GmbH

Procedure of the sanctions list check:

  1. A document is created in the previous system.
  2. This automatically starts the sanctions list check in SAP GTS. On the basis of defined rules, the address data in the documents are compared with the sanction lists in the SAP GTS system. These lists are provided in XML format by external data suppliers and can be uploaded into SAP GTS. Own lists can also be used.
  3. With the monitoring functions of SAP GTS you can keep track of all addresses that have already been checked.
  4. Employees with the appropriate authorizations can release blocked documents for further processing.
  5. You can set up regular checks of your current master data. It makes sense to set up the system so that the check is performed automatically after an update of the sanctions lists.
  6. All SPL audit activities can be logged, archived and later used for legal purposes with the SPL Audit Trail function.

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We offer you end-to-end consulting - both for SAP GTS export control and for the logistics process chains in SAP S/4HANA and ERP.

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