Already know today what needs to be produced next month

Manufacturing companies face the challenge of identifying their capacity loads for the coming weeks and months as early as possible. This is the only way to schedule orders precisely at any time in order to conserve resources and make their capacities optimally available. By scheduling orders in advance, the demand and receipt dates are displayed transparently, thus avoiding delivery bottlenecks.


  • Detect supply bottlenecks at an early stage
  • Improved demand and inventory overview
  • Cost savings
Increase in delivery capacity
Reduction of goods in process
Increase of the lead time

Our services

  • Optimization of your production processes for early detection of supply bottlenecks
  • Mapping of production processes adapted to your consumption situation
  • Analysis and design for centralized or decentralized planning activities
  • Presentation and analysis of your current requirements (allerting & monitoring)


  • CONSILIO uses various methods to improve your production processes. These are individually and ideally adapted to the customer's needs
  • Take advantage of our certified production know-how and create higher customer satisfaction. Our experts optimize your production processes so that you can identify supply bottlenecks at an early stage
  • With the necessary experience from various supply chain management projects, we provide you with an overview of current requirements and how these can be covered in concrete terms. In this way, you always have an overview of current and forecast consumption.

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