Heidelberger Druckmaschinen | IBP Demand Prototype & Implementation

Implementation of a highly automated, integrative sales planning solution with roll-out of a globally standardized planning process for consumer goods.

On the basis of an IBP Demand solution, we implemented a worldwide standardized planning solution for consumables together with the experts from CONSILIO. It enables us to make system-supported forecasts at the storage location level and offers attractive evaluation options for the optimisation of stock levels and delivery capability.

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The Challenges

  • Automation and interactive forecast generation with demand planning in ERP
  • Delta integration of master and order data with rule-based assignment of dispatching areas
  • Roll-out in EMEA, USA and APAC with a uniform planning process

Implementation Highlights

  • Introduction of a system-supported worldwide consolidated demand planning process with automatic forecasting
  • Stock optimization through improved transparency in the coordination and planning process
  • Use of the user-friendliness and graphic possibilities of a modern planning tool
  • Improvement of the information flow from the sales side through direct integration into the planning