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SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud

The ERP cloud solution for ready-to-use business processes with the latest innovations and short implementation times.

The adaptability and competitiveness of a company is directly related to the digital transformation of their ERP system. In this respect, the S/4HANA Public Cloud, which will be introduced in 2019, offers the advantage that it can be introduced with the SAP Activate methodology and short project times. The continuous delivery of innovations will continue to ensure that the ERP system is up to date and the "clean core" approach will reduce the effort required for updates. The costs for ERP operation are reduced, as there is no need to set up an IT infrastructure and SAP takes over the provision of the ERP software. Customers benefit in particular from the shared use of infrastructure and software on cloud platforms.


  • Short implementation times with coordinated project methodology and simple system deployment
  • Up-to-date innovations with short release cycles
  • Simplified release changes with integrated test management
  • Standardised software with Clean Core strategy
  • Reduction of IT operation costs
or less until the initial scope is provided
lower development costs
faster added value

With the S/4HANA Public Cloud, you can introduce a modern ERP system that enables you to optimise your business processes with standards and innovations. We support you with our experience in the introduction of a solution adapted to your individual requirements.

Christian Sonek, Principal Consultant CONSILIO GmbH Contact expert

An excerpt from our S/4HANA Public Cloud projects.

Battery cell producer

Battery cell producer

S/4HANA Cloud implementation with tasks in the areas of management and distribution of identities, Central Invoice Management, set-up of webshops


Car parts manufacturer

Car parts manufacturer

S/4HANA Cloud Administration in the AMS area

Electrical wholesalers

Electrical wholesalers

Implementation of a side-by-side extension for the clearing of credit notes in a S/4HANA public cloud implementation


Administrative service provider

Administrative service provider

S/4HANA Cloud Solution Validation with leadership of the Application Platform and Infrastructure Workshops

S/4HANA Public Cloud Functions

  • S/4HANA offers ready-to-use processes with best practice
  • The selection of the required processes can be controlled by activating scope items
  • Scope items activate best practice settings and configurations for business processes
  • The use of ready-to-use processes reduces implementation efforts 
  • Available documentation allows users to track changes and processes
  • The Central Business Configuration (CBC) is the central configuration tool of the S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
  • Configuration is closely linked to the SAP Activate project method. The progress of activities is controlled via milestones
  • With the CBC, relevant business processes are selected and process-specific customising activities are carried out
  • CBC guides the customer through the implementation process and ensures that all necessary activities of a project phase are carried out
  • SAP offers tools for the management and execution of tests, combined with a tight integration with the Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (SAP Cloud ALM)
  • The S/4HANA Public Cloud Test Automation Tool consists of Fiori Apps for the test automation of user interfaces (UI) and interfaces (API). Standard test scripts delivered by SAP can be used in business processes
  • This test support accelerates test execution and improves test quality
  • SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation supports business process implementation from design to solution delivery
  • SAP Cloud ALM continues to support fit-to-standard workshops in S/4HANA public cloud implementation projects with an integrated environment
  • Test plans from S/4HANA Cloud can be synchronised and requirements mapped with SAP Cloud ALM
  • Integrated business process development accelerates implementations and thereby reduces costs
  • SAP Cloud ALM for Operations is a cloud-based tool that enables the efficient operation of S/4HANA Public Cloud.
  • It offers monitoring of business processes, integration scenarios, users and applications. 
  • Automatic messages inform IT operations of problems and support root cause analysis with embedded analytics
  • Improves the efficiency of IT operations and thereby reduces costs

Our services

  • Analysis of whether the S/4HANA Public Cloud is a suitable solution for the customer
  • Implementation of customisation and requirements analyses 
  • Implementation of a S/4HANA Cloud introduction project
  • Support in setting up the cloud environment with Identity Authentication Management (IAM), BTP and Cloud ALM
  • Extension and integration of the S/4HANA Public Cloud solution with the Business Technology Platform

With the provision as cloud software, the users of the SAP Public Cloud are given a "clean core" strategy.  The standardised software does not allow any adjustments or developments that could hinder a release change. This ensures that innovations are continuously updated. The user can work in a stable system with the latest innovations, has less effort and saves costs for updates and release changes.

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