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A wrong and instable foundation will trouble your entire system architecture!

At the beginning of the realization and implementation of an IT project, the question of the right architecture arises more than ever before. Distributed systems increase the complexity of an application. This requires knowledge about possible problems, hurdles and possibilities, which result from such scenarios - if you choose the wrong architecture at the beginning, a satisfying project result can only be achieved at the end with great effort and financial expenditure.

S/4HANA and modern SAP landscapes, are no longer as simple and understandable as they were a few years ago. Central master data distribution, dependencies between Fiori front-end server and business suite, but also integration into the cloud present you with previously unknown challenges.

Which procedure is right and which strategy is wrong? Especially in early phases, the wrong decisions can decide on the overall success of a project - without years of experience, it is difficult to take the right path and avoid the risk of expensive misinvestments.

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What advantages does the S/4HANA cloud offer, what can it do and what added value does it offer your company?
What expansion options and potentials exist and where do cloud solutions reach their limits?
Is it even possible to use SAP Cloud and ABAP together?
Fiori Embedded, Central Hub or straight into the cloud?
Do we choose the Brownfield or Greenfield approach or something in between?
What do we do with our legacy system and how do we integrate it optimally and without data loss?

These are just some of the questions that companies from different industries ask themselves. The correct answer to these questions at certain points in the project determines its success or failure. Use the expertise of CONISLIO. With our experience and the necessary practical knowledge, we find and develop together with you an individual architecture solution which guarantees your company long-term success.

CONSILIO creates a secure foundation for your future-proof system architecture. We will be happy to advise you and develop individual solution concepts, adapted to your individual project situation.

Darius Borecki, Senior Technology Consultant SAPCONSILIO GmbH

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