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Your employees are your most important asset - use our targeted coaching to promote their potential and recognize their strengths. Create a future-oriented company and become better than ever.

Odata, Fiori S/4HANA and the cloud are just some of the new technologies that SAP is using. These new technologies mean massive paradigm shifts for your developers. Guidance and help are needed to find your way through this technological jungle - effectively this can only be achieved through the right coaching and training. This is the only way to avoid standard mistakes.

[Translate to English:] SAP Coaching & Training - CONSILIO GmbH
[Translate to English:] SAP Coaching & Training - CONSILIO GmbH

Technically as well as methodically a lot of know-how is required to be not only a good but also a modern SAP developer. This starts with the use of the right tools, understanding the frameworks and knowledge about the right methods. If your employees try to teach themselves all these skills on their own, there is a high probability of stumbling over the same pitfalls and problems as many other companies before you have done - this leads to frustration and rejection. 

With quality education, good training and ongoing coaching, you create the space for the necessary development - allowing your employees to work more effectively, efficiently and professionally. Years of knowledge of your processes, coupled with the right tools, will enable your employees to develop faster and more reliable solutions than you ever thought possible.

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With S/4HANA and the associated technical revolution, SAP is opening up completely new possibilities for its partners and customers. These can only be used optimally and with maximum efficiency if they are known and understood.CONSILIO trains your employees in modern development methods. Always practice-oriented and at eye level. Ensure that you face the future in a robust manner and promote the potential of your employees.

CONSILIO enriches your project and your software with profound knowledge of clean code and automated tests - no matter if frontend or backend. We train you in the selection of the right architecture for your requirements and the creation of clean code with the help of the right tools such as SAP ATC. CONSILIO ensures that valid guidelines such as the SAP Clean Code Guide or the DSAG recommendation for action are followed. 
We share our knowledge with you, because only through clean development a smooth implementation and error-free operation of your applications is possible.

Your employees are your most important asset. Recognize strengths and promote their potential. With CONSILIO's proven and promising training and coaching programmes your employees will always be kept up to date and will be trained in existing and completely new components. Thanks to targeted CONSILO coaching your employees can further perfect their knowledge and skills and reach the next level as quickly as possible.

Knowledge exchange on a professional level is essential and promotes companies as well as the landscape in IT.
SAP S/4HANA is a technology for the highest demands and covers many areas. Benefit from our extensive experience in personnel development. CONSILIO supports your employees with the necessary knowledge thanks to many years of experience in the industry and our experts are always available to you as experienced mentors at eye level.

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Knowledge is the only resource that does not diminish when shared - this is the motto we live and work by at CONSILIO. Only a good education at the pulse of time makes a good software quality possible. We are happy to share this knowledge with you in order to move forward together and in partnership. Whether short code dojos, in which developers get in touch with individual innovations, 

individually tailored trainings from various subject areas or long-term coaching and mentoring - we are flexible and do our best to offer you what will support you and your employees in the long run and help you to advance. Whether software design, module-specific programming, clean code, unit testing, or much more - we are happy to help you develop further.

Actively promote the potential of your employees. We support you with training and ensure that your company remains fit for the future.

Darius Borecki, Senior Technology Consultant SAPCONSILIO GmbH

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