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Optimally prepared for the migration from SAP QM to S/4HANA

SAP has announced the end of maintenance for SAP ERP. It is therefore recommended that companies prepare for the changeover to SAP S/4HANA at an early stage. With SAP S/4HANA, all SAP ERP landscapes are due for a redesign. And therefore it is not enough to simply digitize processes and transform IT systems - it is much more about innovative ideas and new, trend-setting business models.
Are you faced with the challenge of deciding whether a brownfield or greenfield approach is more optimal for migrating your SAP quality management processes to S/4HANA? Are you unsure which functionality will continue to work under S/4HANA as part of SAP Quality Management and which need to be adapted? We support you in solving this complex challenge and reduce the uncertainty of IT and business by showing a secure and stable roadmap for transformation to a new system. Be optimally prepared for the quality management migration to S/4HANA.


  • Simplified integration with SAP Extended Warehouse Management 
  • Over 30 modern FIORI apps for quality management
  • New functions like Non-Conformance Management
  • New processes for solving internal problems based on 8D
  • Numerous new analysis functions and overview pages for quality engineers and quality technicians
  • Basis for the use of innovations such as:
    • Collaboration with customers and suppliers, for example the exchange 8D Report
    • Visual inspection planning
    • Global batch traceability for tracking batches across systems

Tool manufacturer

Tool manufacturer

S/4HANA Brownfield Conversion

Support of the SAP QM module to ensure a smooth migration

Return of z programming

Checking of historical data



Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Roll-out of a global template

Intervention in the creation of inspection lots

Support of central inspection planning

Automatic assignment of default inspection plans

Our services

  • Migration preparation of SAP quality management to S/4HANA
  • Comprehensive support of the SAP QM migration project
  • System preparation for a fast and easy migration to S/4HANA
  • Both greenfield and brownfield migrations


  • We know the stumbling blocks of an S/4HANA migration through our experience from migration projects at companies from various industries
  • Our experts prepare your company in the best possible way for the migration of your quality management to S/4HANA and provide you with comprehensive support in the implementation of your migration project
  • CONSILIO guarantees you a quick and easy migration to S/4HANA
  • Whether greenfield or brownfield - we advise and support you 

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