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Make sales & sales planning transparent

Companies are faced with unreliable sales forecasts and increasingly demanding customers. In order to remain able to act in the future, it is necessary to react, because good demand planning is the basis of all subsequent planning processes. Low forecast quality thus leads to poor supply, capacity, inventory and financial planning. Meet the challenges and update your sales and distribution planning. Ensure improved forecast quality, increased product availability, and reduced inventory and procurement costs.


  • Ensure improved forecast quality to increase product availability and reduce inventories and procurement costs
  • Generate market-driven and profitable sales plans
  • Consideration of product lifecycle management and promotions
  • Incorporate machine learning algorithms
better forecasting quality
higher product availability
more profitable sales plans

An excerpt of our supply chain planning projects.

Logistics service provider

Logistics service provider

Automated forecasting of transportation requirements

Introduction of a lean demand planning process with automated forecasting

Our services

  • Analysis of sales and sales planning as a basis for corporate planning
  • Definition of planning levels, responsibilities, forecasting algorithms and planning rhythms
  • Design and implementation of a sales planning solution based on standard SAP software
  • Supporting the organizational structure of sales planning and setting up workflows


  • CONSILIO supports you in designing and implementing a sales planning solution based on SAP standard software. As a result, your company benefits from improved forecasting accuracy and can increase its product availability as well as reduce inventories and procurement costs
  • As experts in statistics and forecasting algorithms, we advise you on the necessary planning levels, responsibilities, forecasting algorithms and planning rhythms. In this way, you create transparency in the determination of demand quantities through the combination of statistical forecasting models, integration of external information and collaboration in a global planning team
  • Our SAP IBP experts help you centrally consolidate your planning activities across the entire organization to identify and plan for dynamic demand fluctuations and risks at an early stage


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