Synchronized Planning

Effective planning of your supply chain and production requires a strategy to optimally align rough and detailed planning processes.

Synchronized Planning stands for the coordination of medium-term network-based supply planning and short-term plant-based production planning. We support you in synchronizing your production planning processes by aligning your time series and order-based network planning in IBP with your PP/DS detailed planning.

Harmonization of your rough & detailed planning

Coarse and detailed planning have different strengths and weaknesses. They address different planning problems, levels and horizons. It is therefore normally wrong to assume that you can handle all planning problems with only one of the approaches or only one of the two solutions SAP IBP or SAP PP/DS. In particular, from a supply chain overall perspective, it is the wrong approach to try to solve all your planning problems with just one detailed planning tool such as SAP PP/DS, without first having created a meaningful rough-cut planning with IBP. Rough-cut planning uses algorithms and an

S&OP process to allocate your capacities and quantities profitably, such as plants, warehouses, production resources, product groups, customers, suppliers and periods. However, this process is not the focus of detailed planning and can therefore not be performed by it. The aim of future-oriented detailed planning should be to make detailed decisions in the short term. For example, with regard to production sequences or specific machine assignments and rescheduling. To do this, you need the correct specifications from the rough-cut planning as an important basis for decision-making.

  • IBP can plan a long horizon for you in time series planning. For example in weekly periods
  • PP/DS plans for you in the short term horizon and thus continuously in time.
  • The planning horizon is in between for order-based planning in IBP. For example, you can plan on a daily basis
  • The first days of your planning may be reserved for PP/DS only. This is called a "frozen zone"

How supply chain management benefits from IT-based solutions

Current challenges for supply chain management, production planning and logistics

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Do you want to optimally coordinate your rough and detailed planning processes? We would be happy to support you with our many years of expertise. Together we will develop a future-oriented strategy with coordinated planning processes for efficient planning of your supply chain and production.

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Well-coordinated rough and detailed planning processes for supply chain and production are essential for the sustainable success of manufacturing companies. In this webinar, we will show you various approaches to linking the two SAP solutions in a meaningful way.

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