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Creation of a feasible and optimized production plan

Companies are faced with the challenge of making their factories smart and efficient: less costs and time while at the same time increasing output. But how can production planning support these challenges? What adjustments do you have to make to achieve this? And how can intelligent detailed planning systems provide useful support? Production planning must take into account the target criteria of minimizing setup times and throughput times, optimizing personnel, production costs and machine utilization, and adherence to schedules when optimizing production, while at the same time also keeping track of and controlling all planning-relevant resources and restrictions in production. To make matters worse, optimization goals often compete with each other. Conventional planning methods such as Excel are no longer capable of handling such a complex task. Intelligent planning solutions such as S/4HANA provide a remedy. They enable smooth order throughput, short delivery times and cost optimization. The hallmarks of the smart and efficient factory of tomorrow.


  • Improved machine utilization through reduction of setup changes
  • Reduction of lead times through multi-level job synchronization
  • Improved planning control
  • Simplified demand planning
improved machine utilization
Reduction of lead times

Our services

  • Analysis of the existing planning process including master data
  • Analysis and conception of the material flow and value stream
  • Development of a company-specific concept for restriction-based production and detailed planning
  • Definition of scheduling and planning parameters
  • Development of guidelines for master data maintenance
  • System settings, documentation, coaching of the specialist department in day-to-day business during start-up


  • Our SAP experts support you with their expertise in the creation of an optimized and comprehensive production plan, with which you can optimize both the time sequence and the planning of resources
  • With our expertise, we provide you with the necessary overview of your production. We set up your SAP PP/DS system for you in such a way that you can plan your machine assignment with optimized set-up times, always have an overview of your requirements dates and ensure the optimized time sequence of your production.
  • With certified know-how, we set up additional heuristics for you and significantly optimize your production program planning. In this way, you will benefit in the future from a system in which scheduling can run fully automatically, but you have full control over planning at all times.

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