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Implementation of SAP ERP and SAP APO based on the industry solution Discrete Industries and Mill Products

A complete overview of all inventories, supplier relationships and customer requirements: This is essential for all manufacturing companies to be able to react quickly to changes. Detailed information for production planning ensures that the production program is implemented optimally. For this reason, Pfleiderer, one of the world's leading manufacturers of wood-based materials, decided to replace its legacy system with the integrated software system from SAP. The result: higher delivery reliability despite significantly lower inventory, as well as more reliable planning and increased flexibility.

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Project scope

In the project "Replacement of legacy systems", the task was to reduce a heterogeneous system landscape with a high number of interfaces. Production planning and control was distributed over several systems with the following disadvantages:

  • Master data was available in all systems and therefore redundant
  • Difficulties in process integration and security through interfaces
  • No real-time processing in the supply chain due to interfaces
  • Different organizational units for master data in the different systems

The system landscape was to be designed to be highly available and future-proof. Thus, the decision for a solution with SAP was made. On the one hand, the solution reduced the number of interfaces, and on the other hand, it enabled smooth integration into the existing R/3 system landscape.

The SAP know-how and the business management expertise of CONSILIO's employees have significantly contributed to the successful replacement of Pfleiderer's legacy systems at the Neumarkt site with SAP ERP and SCM APO based on the SAP Mill solution. On the basis of the solution we can react flexibly to market changes, avoid stocks and ensure a high delivery reliability.

Mrs. Aurelia Göbel and Mr. Hans-Jürgen Weiss, Project Manager Replacement of legacy systems, NeumarktPfleiderer Gruppe

By using the integrated solution of SAP ERP and SCM APO, we have a high transparency in the processes and can react flexibly to market changes, avoid stocks and ensure high delivery reliability.

Mr. Mederer, Manager Pfleiderer Order Center NeumarktPfleiderer Gruppe


  • Early detection of problems
  • Improved ability to deliver
  • Consistency of processes
  • Inventory reduction through transparency and integrated processes
  • Better order tracking

Highligts of the implementation

  • SAP APO Mill Products
  • PP/DS with multilevel bucket finite block planning
  • Possibility of simulations
  • Use of Alert for problem detection
  • Integration of industry-specific waste optimizers
  • Consideration of availability of material and resources in production planning
  • Use of the APO heuristic framework to create feasible planning and maintain already promised deadlines
  • Online connection of machine host computer and warehouse management system with material flow control to the R/3 system
  • Ergonomic confirmation in production in R/3
  • Implementation without an MES system availability guarantee of 24 hours on 7 days with SAP