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DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler

Make your planning real-time with the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler.

Use the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler to greatly simplify your operational scheduling for an optimized production program. The flexible planning system helps you create a job sequence for the flow of individual production steps, taking into account the necessary resource availability and constraints. At the same time, the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler allows you to keep track of your key business objectives, such as delivery times, lead times, or inventory levels, and track changes in these objectives through your planning decisions. Together with our experts, the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler can help you increase productivity and increase flexibility in your production planning, even at short notice.

Good reasons for using the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler

The DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler enables the automatic calculation of start and end times of individual process steps based on the current production plan. This gives your planning department more time to apply their expertise to the really important decisions.
Create maximum transparency across all production steps using the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler's integrated forward planning function for all production steps. In addition, your company will be able to drastically reduce its inventory levels.
With the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler's fault management, you are able to react quickly to production downtime or delays. The integrated optimizer supports you by immediately incorporating all necessary changes in the production process and reoptimizing the production program accordingly.

Your planning decisions

In your company, new challenges have to be solved every day and important planning decisions have to be made. With DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler, you are well prepared for this, for example:

  • What resources are required to complete orders?
  • What effects do disturbances or failures in production have on the production plan?
  • Which production plan can be used to minimize the current stocks without jeopardizing the fulfillment of customer orders?
  • When and in what order are customer orders produced?
  • Which safety stocks are necessary to fulfill all scheduled customer orders?
  • Which production steps must be passed through to fulfill a customer order?

Goals of the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler

  • Maximization of resource efficiency, e.g. by optimizing the production plan with minimum setup and idle times
  • Increase productivity by simultaneously processing similar production orders in batches
  • Planning of customer orders so that the respective delivery deadlines are met
  • Avoidance of deviations from the production program at shop floor level
  • Minimization of waste through optimized allocation of materials to orders
  • Inventory reduction through just-in-time production
  • Planning of several production steps in advance to minimize inventory in circulation


An efficient order sequence and optimal planning view are important for a planner in order to recognize bottlenecks and disruptions in production at an early stage and to be able to intervene. The webinar will give you an example of how you can optimize processes on the store floor with the DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler.

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