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Connection of offcut optimizer

Exploiting savings potential: Waste optimization for cutting jobs

In companies in the wood, paper and steel industries, industry-specific tools are often used for waste optimization. The quality of the optimization not only depends on the minimum edge trim, but also takes into account other general conditions such as stacking and reference runs. Companies face the challenge of integrating waste optimization into the production planning and manufacturing process.

The add-on solution Connection Blend Optimizer offers you these functions

  • Consideration of all requirements from the SAP application as well as the relevant interfaces
  • Connection of trim optimization via SAP Process Orchestration (PO)
  • Implementation of the BAPI for the cutting order "Trim Optimization Interface
  • Creation of a user interface for the creation of "Direct Trim" cutting orders

Integrated offcut optimization: added value for your company

  • Waste optimization integrated into production planning and manufacturing processes
  • Creation of an optimal cutting plan
  • Utilization of potential savings in terms of time and money
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced setup and storage costs
[Translate to English:] Ralf Bernhard, Managing Director, CONSILIO GmbH

Offcut Optimization helps users create an optimal cutting plan. The benefits are reduced scrap and lower setup and storage costs.

Ralf Bernhard, Managing DirectorCONSILIO GmbH

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