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CONSILIO SAP IBP Service Offerings

Strengthen your supply chain planning in the long term!

Whether you are before, after or in the middle of an IBP implementation, want to solve specific supply chain problems or are looking for a long-term support partner. CONSILIO strengthens your planning with individual service offerings.

Financial Planning & Product Segmentation

  • Our experts support you with contribution margin and cash flow optimization. Create liquidity in unforeseen situations
  • We help your company with product segmentation that prioritizes the right products in times of crisis, taking into account costs and prices

Demand planning

  • CONSILIO supports you in recognizing opportunities and risks in your demand planning in order to be able to implement even short-term changes in demand flexibly and in line with the crisis
  • Our experts help you map demand patterns when shutting down and restarting your production in changing planning phases 

Supply Chain Collaboration, Design & Planning

  • We help you to make collaboration with your suppliers more effective. This gives you the best possible overview of your raw materials availability and supplier capacities and enables you to act accordingly.
  • CONSILIO supports you in fully utilizing the potential of your supply chain and in making the right adjustments to your supply chain at short notice.
  • Our experts support you with sensible inventory reductions to create liquidity and free capacities at suppliers
  • We advise your company on the adjustment of MRP parameters to avoid bull-hip effects


  • CONSILIO supports your company in personnel scheduling and planning as well as possible short-time work phases
  • We provide you with production planning tools in case of possible supply bottlenecks
  • We are happy to support you in ramping up and ramping down your production in a controlled manner, if necessary, to calm down and smooth out your supply chain
  • Our experts can help you mitigate the consequences of production resource outages and assist you in creating robust maintenance plans
  • We also advise your company on planning for perishables and dangerous goods, for example, through push production approaches

Process expertise

CONSILIO's experts will advise you on challenging questions regarding finance, supply chain as well as production and show you in a comprehensible way how to optimally support your specialist departments.

SAP IBP Expertise

But our experts will also work with you to implement the right IBP tools that give you the transparency, flexibility and decision support you need for every situation.

IT Support

CONSILIO provides your IT department with fully comprehensive support. We provide existing IT landscapes of your specialist departments with the necessary tools and data, especially when unexpected staff absences occur.

Support for departments & planners

We support your departments with competent and experienced consultants in the areas of finance, supply chain and production when the necessary expertise and support is required.

No matter what challenges you are facing, we are happy to support you with our individual CONSILIO Service Offerings and thus guarantee a fast and smooth solution to your problems.

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CONSILIO IBP Potential Check

Make an appointment with our SAP IBP experts for a potential check in preparation for your APO-IBP migration project. Together we look at your current system landscape and identify pain points and targets in the areas of demand, supply, S&OP and inventory planning. Based on this, we provide an initial recommendation for action.

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