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Prevent heterogeneous system landscapes

Historically grown and heterogeneous system landscapes reduce the effectiveness of your maintenance organisation. Thus, you lack transparency about your processes through system boundaries. This leads to little flexibility in process changes, as each system, but also the individual interfaces, must be individually adapted. Avoid duplicate data storage and unnecessary redundancies in the long term and use an integrated and flexible system in your maintenance in the future. This way you guarantee more transparent information and less coordination effort for your employees.


  • Replacing Excel and other outdated third-party systems and "best of breed" solutions
  • Use of maintenance in an integrated and flexible system 
  • Setting up a future-oriented SAP maintenance system 
  • Exploiting the potential of your SAP system landscape
Less legacy systems
higher flexibility



Reduction of paper

Creation of a central maintenance system

Replacement of Excel

Reduction of island solutions

Our services

  • Advice on merging existing systems and standardising your system landscape
  • Implementation and support of interfaces
  • Ensuring a problem-free connection of your SAP systems
  • Replacement of third-party systems "best of breed" solutions or Excel lists
  • Introduction of an integrated and flexible SAP PM system


  • CONSILIO knows all the ways to increase the user-friendliness of your SAP system in order to sensitise your employees to its use
  • Our experts are very familiar with mobile solutions based on modern technologies and provide your end users with a mobile solution tailored to your requirements
  • We optimise your SAP user interfaces. Together with CONSILIO, make full use of the board resources and improve the user-friendliness of your SAP system. We introduce a mobile solution for you and increase the user experience for your users in the long term

Effectively prevent heterogeneous system landscapes!

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