Integrated Business Planning

Lost a major customer? Lost a market share? Surplus and obsolete inventories?

Do you know this? Gaps in the information and planning process cause unstructured communication between areas of the supply chain. The organization is not provided with the latest planning data in a timely manner, forecast quality drops and business development is impaired in the long term. The solution is SAP IBP, real-time planning in an integrated planning environment.

With SAP IBP, you create transparency about demand, inventories and capacities along your supply chain. The cloud-based APS solution supports you with innovative forecasting methods and planning algorithms for production, distribution and procurement. Targeted inventory optimization ensures delivery readiness across your entire value network. By simulating various planning scenarios, you maintain an overview of the consequences of changes and 

decision alternatives within the framework of what-if analyses. With an IBP-supported Sales & Operations process, you strike a balance between production utilization, inventory optimization, delivery service levels and profitability. You enable a uniform planning and procurement system in your company without technical islands. We support you with many years of experience in the implementation or optimization of SAP IBP.

SAP IBP Module

Minimize demand uncertainties and disruptive reactions!

DDMRP enables you to plan based on actual customer demand using strategically decoupled material flows to overcome supply chain disruptions. Inherent dynamic adjustments to inventory buffers protect material flow and regulate capital commitment. The IBP for Demand-driven Replenishment supports your company in particular in the best possible positioning and design of the elementary inventory buffers in your network.

With the SAP cloud solution Integrated Business Planning (IBP), we can provide our customers with even more flexible and intuitive IT tools for planning their supply chain processes than before.

Christoph Habla, PartnerCONSILIO GmbH

How supply chain management benefits from IT-based solutions

Current challenges for supply chain management, production planning and logistics

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The CONSILIO IBP service portfolio

Technological advantages thanks to SAP IBP:

  • Functions for simulations and planning scenarios support rapid decision-making processes
  • SAP HANA technology also enables high-performance creation and use of very large planning models
  • Uniform, intuitive user interface and integration with Excel
  • Uniformly used, common data model
  • End-to-end transparency through preconfigured and web-based analysis tools, control functions and a comprehensive collaboration platform
  • Real-time analysis of daily developments
  • "State-of-the-art" planning processes

CONSILIO IBP Potential Check

Make an appointment with our SAP IBP experts for a free potential check in preparation for your APO-IBP migration project. Together we look at your current system landscape and identify pain points and targets in the areas of demand, supply, S&OP and inventory planning. Based on this, we provide an initial recommendation for action.

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SAP IBP Response & Supply –

In this system demo we show you how planning problems of our customers are handled with IBP Response & Supply. You decide interactively which planning scenarios, such as supplier failures and flexible supply chain rescheduling with multi-sourcing, are shown.

SAP IBP Response & Supply –
Demo Order based Planning OBP

With IBP Response & Supply you have the possibility to spontaneously reschedule your supply chain in the short term even on single order level. We show you how to prioritize requirements, reschedule flexibly depending on new customer orders, and feed the confirmations directly back into the ERP system.

Integration von Lieferanten in die Supply Chain Planung mit SAP IBP und SAP Ariba


Lack of visibility into procurement planning creates challenges for companies and their suppliers. When you plan procurement with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and share the forecast with your suppliers via SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration, you receive supplier delivery confirmation in real time and increase your competitiveness by incorporating real-time data into supply chain planning. This allows you to identify bottlenecks early and flexibly adjust your planning. If suppliers do not deliver sufficiently and on time, you can use multi-sourcing potentials in time to identify other suppliers. In this webinar, learn how you can optimize collaboration with your suppliers using IBP and Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration. In a system demo, we will show you the forecast confirmation of a supplier and how you can use this data directly in IBP for further planning.

Vertriebs-, Finanz- und Investitionsplanung mit SAP IBP


Using system examples, Christoph Habla, Partner and Sebastian Held, Solution Consultnat SCM from CONSILIO will show you how SAP IBP can support you in your sales, financial and investment planning.

Migration Guide

Your way to SAP IBP

In our guide, we show you everything about added value and migration strategies. Find out how companies can already take advantage of important benefits with SAP Integrated Business Planning today.

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