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Prevent occupational accidents & minimize safety-related incidents

Workplace safety and protecting your employees is a complex and often very dynamic topic. Potential hazards, new safety risks and appropriate protective measures are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to always have an overview of the current situation and the level of knowledge of the employees in order to be able to comply with national and international regulations on workplace safety. Your goal should be to keep the number of incidents and accidents as low as possible. Meet your challenges, because protecting your employees is a "legal compliance" where there are heavy penalties in case of a violation.


  • Comprehensive analysis of risk activities
  • Increased visibility and automation of tasks and corrective actions
  • Less time spent for incident handling and regulatory reporting
  • Process integration with SAP EHS and other SAP applications
  • Consistent implementation of derived measures
  • Safe handling of all types of hazards to avoid and prevent accidents
  • Direct transfer of the results into the respective company processes
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and times
  • Minimization of health risks for all employees


  • Our experts evaluate the current situation in your company and support you in promoting a safety culture through a holistic recording of incidents, accidents and near misses. In this way, you can ensure that you minimize the health risk for all employees.
  • With the necessary expertise, we support you in implementing a permanently updated ambulance book for all affected employees
  • CONSILIO supports you with the experience from various projects in the implementation of a continuous monitoring for risk activities. This ensures that risk activities are comprehensively analyzed and transparently presented in order to safely deal with all types of hazards in the workplace.

Our services

  • Promotion of safety culture through holistic recording of incidents, accidents and near-accidents
  • Evaluation of the current situation with fit-gap analysis
  • Design and implement a unified approach to EHS risk assessment, including various risk analysis methodologies
  • Effective chemical management in the workplace, including supplier SDB data management and real-time inventory monitoring
  • Support, standardization and monitoring through the implementation of uniform processes and procedures
  • Automatic generation of reports and documents for audits to ensure compliance
  • Implementation of risk-based occupational health management for seamless employee health tracking
  • Implementation of a permanently updated ambulance log for all affected employees
  • Introduction of a consistent work release process
  • Implementation of end-to-end monitoring for risk activities
  • Establishment of an operational change management 

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