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Using advantages in the sales process as a competitive advantage

If you can prove the origin of the materials of your production in the European Union, you have the right to import them with the tax rate 0 or a reduced tax rate. The use of this preference calculation automatically leads to a reduction of your offer price compared to your competitors and opens up competitive advantages for you compared to other suppliers. For a correct preference calculation, it is necessary to check across all stages of processing which materials were manufactured in the EU. With SAP Global Trade Sevices, you have the option of using configurable bills of materials. These are analyzed in the system and the product's preference eligibility is checked. Use the preference calculation and secure advantages in the sales process and improved market access.


  • Sales competitive advantages
  • Avoidance of import payments by customers
  • Less payment defaults
  • Improved market access
  • Optimization of sales processes in the context of refund-relevant exports 
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Our services

  • Optimization of your sales process under consideration of worldwide trade agreements
  • Protection of sales processes against non-payment by your customers
  • Introduction of letters of credit
  • Creation of configurable parts lists
  • Analysis of your bills of materials and checking for preferential product status


  • Our experienced consultants secure your sales process taking into account global trade agreements
  • Our goal is to provide your company with advantages over your competitors from a sales perspective 
  • With the help of our experts, your company will be able to optimize sales processes in the context of export refunding and provide improved market access
  • By using letter of credit processing for business with third countries, we can help you protect your company against payment defaults

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