SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Do you want to optimize marketing and sales processes and thereby build strategic customer relationships with a 360-degree view?

SAP Customer Experience (CX) offers you a broad portfolio of solutions that demonstrate the latest ways to delight customers with revenue-generating customer experiences.

SAP CX Suite leverages customer-specific marketing, sales, and service processes to capitalize on growth opportunities and identify needs among new and existing customers to strategically engage them. With the SAP CX Suite portfolio, you can optimize customer loyalty, increase sales,

and benefit from the easy scalability of the individual solutions, which you can tailor to your business processes and functional requirements. Create exceptional customer experiences with CX and CRM solutions.

Marketing solutions

Integrated data layer

By pooling data sources from across the enterprise, data silos are eliminated. This historical and real-time data is unified across channels to activate personalized experiences.

Personalization engine

By identifying and targeting customer data and segments using AI, individualized content can be delivered across channels at the right time.

Marketing automation

Customer data and AI are used for personalized, cross-channel campaigns and marketing channels are seamlessly linked and automated.

Cross-channel execution

Customers are addressed consistently and relevantly through cross-channel execution. Many options are available for this:

  • AI-powered email marketing
  • Personalize web content in real time
  • Increase lifetime value of customers who prefer to use smartphones
  • Implement SMS campaigns based on behavioral data
  • Create automated digital advertising campaigns
  • Unite print and digital to maximize ROI
  • Create connected in-store experiences
  • Personalize contact center interactions

Customer lifecycle management

Segmenting contacts by lifecycle stage and creating custom-fit journeys based on all interactions and past behaviors measures how personalization impacts customer lifecycle marketing.

Intelligence and analytics

By using AI to predict campaign performance, measure customer outcomes, and optimize engagement across channels, campaign performance can be predicted to drive better results.

Strategies and tactics

By using pre-built tactics that are quick to deploy, flexible and fully customizable, campaign planning and execution can be agile and fast.

Cross-channel integrations

With best-in-class integrated solutions, data can be unified and campaigns personalized to drive more growth and better business results.

360° view on customer data

A consolidated view of all customer and prospect master and interaction data in the form of the Golden Record.

Real-time dynamic segmentation

Target audiences based on specific characteristics to run personalized and targeted campaigns.

Budget and campaign planning

Through the transparent marketing strategy based on marketing plans, tools and categories, all digital marketing activities are planned, tracked and evaluated.

Campaign planning and automation

Based on customer interactions along the customer journey, automated, time- and trigger-driven campaigns can be created and executed.

Lead and customer-based marketing

Contacts as well as leads are generated through interactions and scoring, qualified and automatically forwarded, for example, via the standard interface to the SAP Sales Cloud and thus to the sales team. The sales team can now concentrate exclusively on sales.

Marketing analysis and reporting

Detailed reports provide information about customer interests and behavior in digital marketing channels such as social media and thus help to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing measures.

Sales solutions

Sales force automation

  •  Lead-to-cash: increase revenue by leveraging connected lead, opportunity, and quote processes
  • Dashboards: Sales productivity and collaboration is optimized using interactive dashboards and real-time customer analytics
  • Email integration: Sales time and processes are significantly reduced through integration and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail 

Intelligent sales functions

  • Lead scoring and guided selling: Using targeted lead scoring approaches and guided selling, leads and opportunities are prioritized and processed more efficiently.
  • Machine learning and AI: Using AI recommendations and action guidance based on machine learning, deals are closed more easily
  • Pipeline management: Intelligent forecasting and visual pipeline analytics help focus on the most relevant and promising opportunities

Mobile activities

  • Offline: Seamless offline and online functionality enables sales reps to work productively anywhere, anytime
  • Visit management: Unify visit scheduling using personalized action plans and dynamic visit surveys to improve retail and field sales activities
  • Perfect store: KPIs and real-time information are used to improve the performance of each location

Comprehensive integration

  • Cross-application processes: Provide sellers with fast and interconnected insights by drawing on data from upstream and downstream systems
  • Back-end integration: Integration of master and transaction data from the S/4HANA system can be used to map cross-application end-to-end processes from lead to payment receipt

Configuration optimization

  • Sales reps quickly create and send complex quotes error-free and according to company guidelines
  • Quote configuration is configured regardless of complexity, product availability, or quote volume 
  • Create and send large quotes in seconds with automated approval and exception workflows

Margin protection and growth

  • Opportunity and sales margins with product, customer and channel price controls are ensured
  • Rules and authorizations are used to control margins and grant discounts only within the intended limits
  • Increases business volume through the use of intelligent cross-selling, upselling and pricing recommendations

Seamless connectivity

  • Integrated quote-to-fulfillment processes can be used to increase operational efficiency at low cost
  • Optimization of quoting processes using existing variant configuration models and ERP data
  • Standard integration with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud using a unified data model strengthens customer interaction and increases revenues

Service solutions

Omni-channel service


  • Contacting customers via digital and traditional contact channels: Chatbot, phone, email, SMS, chat, email, social media and self-service portals.
  • Customer hub: automatic customer identification to speed up service processes and quickly view customer data
  • Employee desktop: Service agents can access contact history and all customer-related master and transaction data to provide fast and personalized service

Ticket management

  • Cross-channel ticket management: Manual creation or possibility of automatic creation of tickets triggered by incoming messages via emails, chats, SMS, portal or social media
  • Intelligent ticket routing: Tickets can be routed manually or automatically to the right staff based on routing rules to ensure fast resolution
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA's): Agreements on a defined service level, guarantees and registered products can be assigned to customers and viewed at any time, so that the service employee always keeps track of everything
  • Employee desktop: Tickets can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily with the help of efficient tools such as a knowledge database

Service ticket intelligence

  • Machine Learning: Mit Hilfe von ML bzw. KI Tools können Tickets automatisch kategorisiert und priorisiert werden. Auch Lösungsvorschläge und Folgeaktivitäten auf Basis von maschinellem Lernen unterstützen die Mitarbeiter bei der schnellen Ticketbearbeitung
  • Sentiment-Analyse (Stimmungsanalyse): Positive und negative Stimmungen in Social Media – und E-Mail-Nachrichten werden erkannt, wodurch die Kundenzufriedenheit optimiert und die Reaktionszeit auf Tickets reduziert wird
  • Ähnliche Tickets: Passende Lösungen anhand der Identifizierung ähnlicher Tickets werden genutzt, um einen exzellenten Kundenservice zu bieten

Service analytics

  • Service analytics and dashboards: service performance is evaluated in real time and analyzed over time with integrated reports and dashboards
  • Experience Management (XM): Customer satisfaction and service performance is optimized through concrete actions based on customer feedback and experience management
  • Operational Data: Experience data is linked to operational and transactional data to better understand background and service processes

Integrated customer processes

  • ERP integration: Optimize ordering, invoicing, and delivery processes and shorten problem resolution times through integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.
  • CX integration: Integration with other SAP CX products harmonizes cross-application marketing, sales, and service processes and improves customer contact across all touch points
  • XM integration: Customer satisfaction is enhanced through integration with SAP and Qualtrics experience management solutions based on customer analytics.
  • Field service management integration: Integration with SAP FSM shortens service times and ensures coordinated field service work by employees

Intelligent scheduling and operational planning

  • Modern and intuitive shift planning operated by a drag-and-drop planning board
  • Prioritization and management of complex shift schedules based on skills, availabilities, and locations of service field workers
  • Field service scheduling and dispatching are optimized with AI-based tools to prioritize and quickly handle important service requests

Mobile reporting

  • Information on customer data, materials and equipment can be accessed in a 360° customer view/history, also via mobile devices
  • Dashboards and graphical reports can be accessed anywhere and on any device - even offline

Seamless data capture and management

  • Customer and operation information such as machines, equipment, materials as well as working and travel times, spare parts and expenses can be seamlessly recorded on all end devices
  • Key performance indicators and service level agreements (SLAs) can be viewed
  • New tasks and open activities can be recorded and evaluated by service field staff

Service reports and invoices

  • Creation of complete deployment and service reports while still at the service site
  • Invoice reports can be automatically loaded into the backend via ERP or S/4HANA integration
  • Invoices can be automatically sent to customers or invoice recipients via the ERP system

Commerce Lösungen

E-Commerce Digital Core

  • Entkoppelte JavaScript-Storefronts (PWA-Storefront) können genutzt werden, um device- und standortunabhängig das bestmögliche Shoppingerlebnis zu bieten
  • Mit Hilfe von Suchfunktionen können Kunden und Interessenten gelenkt und zu den richtigen Produkten geführt werden
  • „Plug-and-Play“-Integration: Per Plug-and-Play skalierbare Warenkorb- und Kauferlebnisse inklusive Zahlungsmanagement und Steuerberücksichtigungen

Kontextgesteuerte Services

  • Kundenindividuelle und relevante Storefront-Erlebnisse mit personalisierten Inhalten können genutzt werden, um die Wünsche und Präferenzen eines jeden Kunden zu verstehen
  • Machine Learning kann zur automatisierten Maximierung der Conversions mit verhaltensbasierten Empfehlungen und personalisierten Werbeaktionen genutzt werden
  • A/B Tests und Echtzeit-Algorithmen werden angewendet, um Geschäftsziele zu optimieren

Verwaltung von Produktinformationen

  • Produktdaten und -kataloge können konsolidiert und auf der digitalen Commerce-Plattform veröffentlicht werden – auch anhand von Massenbearbeitung und Massen-Upload
  • Integrierte Funktionen für Validierung, Workflow-Überprüfungen und Genehmigungen können genutzt werden, um die Qualität der Produktinformationen zu verbessern
  • Mehrsprachige Kataloge können mit Hilfe der intuitiven und benutzerfreundlichen Verwaltungskonsole gepflegt werden

Gestaltung und Steuerung von Einkaufserlebnissen

  • Vereinfachung des Storefront-Managements mit einem intuitiven WYSIWYG-Editor zur Bearbeitung von Websites
  • Durch die Pflege von mehreren Storefronts und die integrierte Unterstützung für unterschiedliche Touchpoints wird ein konsistentes Marken- und Einkaufserlebnis bereitgestellt


  • Kanalübergreifende Auftragsabwicklung für ein „endloses Verkaufsregal“ ermöglichen einen Omnichannel Kauf und Warenabholung
  • Retourenprozesse werden mit Omnichannel- und Self-Service-Funktionen einfach und sicher durchgeführt
  • Transparente Lagerbestände und effektive Beschaffungs- und Zuordnungsregeln für Lage und physische Standorte sorgen für eine Effizienzsteigerung und Verkürzung der Lieferzeiten

Mobiler Ansatz

  • Mobile Devices wie Smartphone und Tablet werden optimal unterstützt
  • Die Benutzerfreundlichkeit auf Desktops wird jedoch weiterhin gewährleistet


  • Kaufverhalten der Kunden wird analysiert und genutzt, um Kanal übergreifend individuelle Einkaufserlebnisse für Kunden zu kreieren
  • Distributed Order Management: Online-Kauf mit späterer Abholung im physischen Handel sowie Anzeige von Verfügbarkeiten und Lagerplätzen im Shop

Künstliche Intelligenz

  • Die künstliche Intelligenz gibt kundenindividuelle Werbung und Angebote vor
  • Anpassungen der Bedienoberfläche können zur Verbesserung der User Experience (UX) genutzt werden


  • API mit Microservices: Nutzung einer modernen und simplen Architektur, die eine out-of-the-box gelieferte progressive Web App (PWA) bietet und über API-Schnittstellen integriert werden kann
  • Standardintegrationen in S/4HANA: Einfache Anbindung an SAP Backend und CRM System wie S/4HANA oder CX
  • Low Code: Geringe Entwicklungsaufwände und eine schnelle Einführung da keine Programmierungen nötig sind

Customer data solutions

Identity management

  • Leverage scalable native screensets and Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) for customizable workflows.
  • Authentication through support of 35 social networks and protection through permanent monitoring of digital identities

Passwordless authentication and single sign-on (SSO)

  • Implementation of various authentication methods such as multifactor, biometric and one-time password authentication, for example via SMS
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support for all touchpoints on enterprise sites
  • Use of SAML and OpenID Connect protocols for the use of federated identities

Customer profile management

  • Fully indexed, dynamic schema for capturing and managing structured and unstructured data.
  • Profiles are matched, transferred and synchronized with applications and services from other providers using a high-performance ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution
  • Software integrations with more than 60 preconfigured interfaces and services

Seamless customer experiences

  • Continuous profile data collection, from initial contact or interest to buy
  • Customers and partners are quickly engaged using self-services for consent, preferences, and personal data
  • Single sign-on for multiple digital media

Access management

  • Standardized access to platforms, applications, data and products according to policy-based access controls.
  • User profile data can be easily and securely exchanged in real time using configurable integrations and interfaces

Data privacy

  • To be prepared for regulatory audits, SAP CIAM provides an audit trail with audit-proof storage of consents and complete history
  • Data breach risks are minimized due to dynamic access controls
  • Consents and preferences are captured and control and management of profiles, preferences, consents and personal data is delegated to users

Central data storage

  • Capture data for your customers' consent and preferences in a central, searchable data store
  • Confidently address regulatory audits and customer inquiries with a consent and preference history for all customer profiles
  • Channel and device-independent synchronization of customer data

Version control

  • Implementation of automatically triggered consent requests depending on business processes.
  • Audit-proof vault in which updates are stored with a time and date stamp
  • Current consent and preferences of customer profiles can be taken into account or viewed at any time

Data privacy

  • Customers can use self-service centers to exercise their own access rights to preferences as an authorized person
  • Capturing all transactions and data in compliant data centers ensures that DSGVO, CCPA and LGPD are always complied with

360° customer view

  • Customer data is unified and analyzed based on a central identity, showing which business unit is responsible for the customer relationship
  • SAP Master Data Integration Service can be used to connect back and front office to provide data across applications
  • Large volumes of customer data can be processed in real time and delivered to other applications

Data privacy and governance

  • By combining identity and purpose-related data, data protection is granted at all times
  • Based on privacy permissions, customer data is coordinated with interaction systems
  • Enterprise-wide privacy and governance requirements can be met locally and globally for all brands

Dynamic data activation

  • Definition of different profile views for all marketing and commerce cases
  • Continuous attributes are used to perform segmentation, target group management and decision making in real time
  • Customer data can be transferred to the appropriate interaction systems in real time, depending on its purpose

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  • Process analysis & implementation of customer & contact, lead, activity and opportunity management
  • Groupware integration (Microsoft Outlook & MS Teams)
  • Key user training
  • Configuration of authorization roles
  • Cutover & Go-Live
  • Hypercare
  • Initial system setup & scoping
  • Project Management
  • Optionally, offer, order, contract, visit, competitor, territory, ticket and product management can be added as part of the process analysis


By applying a scalable customer experience solution, companies improve their customer contact-relevant processes and inspire with revenue-generating customer experiences. This strengthens customer loyalty and optimally exploits growth opportunities. We support you with our experience in the introduction of a CX solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.

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