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Customer satisfaction has a name: CONSILIO

CONSILIO supported us with comprehensive know-how in the planning of the S/4HANA transformation and the use of EWM. The CONSILIO consultants were able to provide us with valuable experience, which significantly facilitates important decisions.

Tim Zeitler, IT Product Owner Solution in HardwareBMW Group

Customer testimonials

S/4HANA introduction with Near-zero Downtime

MTU Aero Engines AG

"With CONSILIO we have an excellent and reliable partner, who has accompanied us in the optimisation of our SAP processes in production, logistics and finance for many years. CONSILIO has made a decisive contribution to the fast S/4HANA implementation with Near-zero Downtime including the transformation of PP/DS into S/4. We appreciate CONSILIO's S/4HANA competence in production and logistics processes - as well as project manager, consultant and developer."

Ralf Teufel, Senior Manager SAP Manufacturing OEM/MRO(FIXM)



"CONSILIO is a very competent and reliable partner with comprehensive and cross-sector knowledge. Both in project management and SAP logistics, the consultants use their high level of expertise to the advantage of Hymer. CONSILIO's cooperative partnership, methodical approach and great flexibility enable Hymer to take a transparent, goal-oriented approach."

Jochen Hein, CEO

Redesign of the sales processes for an S/4HANA transformation

Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

"CONSILIO gave us optimal support during the redesign of the SAP SD processes and the technical implementation."

Andreas Meinzer, Head of SAP Application Support

IBP-Evaluation and Prototype

Hymer GmbH & Co. KG

"As part of a proof-of-concept, the SAP IBP for Demand and IBP for Response and Supply modules were evaluated as a solution for sales and program planning for vehicles, taking into account sales, production and capacity restrictions as well as supplier previews. CONSILIO compared the requirements using a prototype and created a comparison of alternative solutions with economic considerations."

Jochen Hein, CEO

Stable production plan with embedded PP/DS on ERP

Lechler GmbH

"With the add-on for stable production planning in SAP HANA embedded PP/DS, CONSILIO offers a tool with which we were able to calm down our production and thus increase efficiency, as only new requirements are planned and integrated into the process under consideration of capacities and availabilities."

Peter Heß, Production Manager

Complete transparency through the use of SAP and standardized stock transfer processes

STIHL Tirol GmbH

"Together with CONSILIO, STIHL Tirol has implemented and optimized the previous process of supplying our gardening equipment to our distribution centers in Europe by using SAP and standardized stock transfer processes based on delivery schedules.
An optimal process, which, starting with planning and executing via transfer delivery schedules from production to the warehouse, ensures complete transparency by handling the dispatch and transport disposition of the garden tools both in the supplying plants and in the distribution centers."

Markus Ritzl, Head of IT, STIHL Tirol GmbH

SAP implementation in the area of Process Technology

EV Group GmbH

"The CONSILIO team supports us during the SAP implementation in the area of process technology. Through well-founded and cross-module expertise, even our very industry-specific and complex process flows can be implemented as close to standards as possible. Furthermore, we appreciate the cooperative and flexible handling of projects."

Angela Zöbl, IT Application Services

Project Global SAP

Eckart GmbH

"Within the scope of our project for the worldwide introduction of SAP, CONSILIO's employees successfully supported us in process analysis, target process definition, comparison of target processes with SAP standard solutions and solution finding for deltas."

Rudolf Schmitt, Project Manager SAP Global

Restriction-oriented detailed planning with SCM PP/DS

Wilo SE

"CONSILIO successfully supports us in the cross-plant optimization of our production planning processes. During the creation of a PP/DS prototype and the phased implementation of a pilot, the consultants convince with competent consulting and pragmatic approaches to solutions. The project teams complement each other in a very cooperative way."

Oliver Panczak, Head of Planning and Coord. Group Demand & Supply

Optimized planning in chemical production

Hago Chemotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

"The comprehensive know-how for medium-sized companies in chemical production enabled the CONSILIO employees to adapt the SAP components especially to our requirements. Thus we are optimally prepared for the competition."

Mirco Arndt, Operations Manager (COO)

Implementation of SAP Service Parts Management

Ford-Werke GmbH

"CONSILIO's expertise in the environment of the SAP Service Parts Management solution has significantly supported the introduction of harmonised processes in spare parts management. An integrated process was mapped out, starting with the supply chain processes and tactical as well as operative planning, through the recording of customer orders including ATP availability check and operative handling of warehouse processes to invoicing."

Andreas Braun, SAP Project Manager

Process optimization in the logistics area

EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG

"Together with the CONSILIO team, we have been able to successfully implement projects in the SAP environment and realise process improvements in the logistics sector in the past. We are looking forward to further cooperation!"

Claudia Virgien, SAP Inhouse Consultant ERP

Consolidation Center MBT

Evobus GmbH

"CONSILIO has comprehensively supported us in the conception and implementation of the Consolidation Center in Neu-Ulm on the basis of SAP. The CC-Neu Ulm coordinates the flow of goods and the transport optimisation for flows of goods from Europe to Istanbul."

Şirin Durankan, IT Group Manager

Global template and international rollout


"We are very satisfied with the decision to choose CONSILIO as our partner. The project team has high quality standards and competence both in the SAP logistics area and in the assessment of process flows. This enables us to realize best practice approaches. We always act at eye level and appreciate the uncomplicated and pragmatic handling of projects."

Aurelia Göbel, Head of IT and Processes

Introduction Supply Chain Management

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

"The analysis and continuous improvement of our complex SCM solution is a great challenge, which CONSILIO has mastered excellently with professional know-how. We have created consistency and transparency in our processes, which significantly increases our efficiency."

Wilfried Grewe, Head of Corporate IT

Design and implementation of an SAP SCM APO solution

MTU Aero Engines AG

"The SAP SCM APO solution designed and implemented by CONSILIO enables us for the first time to comprehensively coordinate the production plan with market requirements, purchasing restrictions and production capacities by means of a smoothed and feasible production program."

Dr. Peter Druska and Simon Claussen

Integrated, flexible solution for scheduling and sequencing with SAP APO

HYDRO Systems KG

"In CONSILIO we have found an extremely competent partner. By considering material availability and capacity restrictions in production planning, we can reduce production backlogs to a minimum."

Michael Biegert, ‎Director of Production

"In CONSILIO we have found a competent and reliable partner whose consultants listened to us, recognized our company-specific requirements, demonstrated pragmatic solution approaches through their cross-industry expertise and implemented them in SAP in a very short time."

Thomas Besch, CEO

Worldwide template and rollout

Wella, Coty Inc.

"CONSILIO has significantly contributed to the success of these projects through expert consulting in the SAP ERP logistics and accounting modules during our implementation projects at home and abroad."

Karl-Heinz Osten, Manager SAP Competence Center

Implementation of SAP ERP and SAP APO based on the industry solution Discrete Industries and Mill Products

Pfleiderer Group

"By using the integrated solution of SAP ERP and SCM APO, we have a high transparency in the processes and can react flexibly to market changes, avoid stocks and ensure high delivery reliability."

Herbert Mederer, Manager Pfleiderer Order Center Neumarkt

Worldwide rollout of the SAP template

Knorr-Bremse AG

"After more than seven years of cooperative and competent collaboration in the SAP area, I am happy to confirm the high professional and social competence of CONSILIO employees. The employees of CONSILIO GmbH have successfully supported us in a cooperative and competent partnership during the implementation, optimization and worldwide rollout of the SAP template and processes."

"CONSILIO ... competent consulting in Lean Manufacturing"

Andreas Meinzer, Manager SAP Application Support

Implementation SAP SCM APO

Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG

"Together with CONSILIO we have implemented a coordinated method for planning by using SCM APO. A basis that enables the mapping of production planning processes while simultaneously harmonizing and optimizing processes. Finite planning enables us to optimally utilize capacities, reduce inventories and deliver on time and in the correct manner."

Klaus Fink, Manager IT Enterprise Apps & Systems

Implementation of an integrated solution of SAP ERP and SAP SCM APO


"Together with CONSILIO, we have defined the right processes and implemented them in the system in order to reflect our business objectives in the best possible way."

Vratislav Stastny, SAP Project Manager

Challenge SCM

MTU Aero Engines AG

"Extensive requirements for coordinated production planning could be implemented, among other things, through a planning table within existing SAP APO and ERP systems."

Bernhard Wetzstein, SAP Project Manager

Template & International Rollout

EvoBus GmbH

"CONSILIO has successfully supported us in the implementation and rollout of SAP in a cooperative and competent partnership."

Susanne Schankola, SAP Project Manager

Migration of a service company into the existing company code

EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG

"CONSILIO convinces with professional competence and individually tailored solutions for production, sales and service. Thanks to the competent consulting, we have smoothly migrated a service company into the existing company code."

Josef Bromberger, Head of SAP Center of Excellence

Implementation of individual SAP trainings


"Since the beginning of 2016 we have successfully completed numerous projects with CONSILIO. In addition, the CONSILIO team has offered our employees many valuable suggestions for their daily work through training courses. Especially the competent and individually conducted training courses on form development fully met our expectations."

Johanna Pfäffle, CIO/IT Area Manager