Comply with regulatory requirements

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in particular is subject to strict regulatory requirements, such as those imposed by the FDA in the USA or directives such as GMP und REACH in der EU. You are obliged to document your products completely and to ensure that they can be traced. If this is not the case, penalties will be imposed by the legislator. Meet this challenge and make full use of your SAP quality management system, because this is the only way to guarantee that all regulatory requirements are met in your company.


  • Complete documentation of the processes 
  • Compliance with the strict regulatory requirements of the process industry 
  • Traceability of batch history and batch records
  • Use of multiple specifications
  • Traceability through serial numbers and thus unique identification of parts
  • Flexible fulfillment of requirements per country, customer or pharmacopoeia
  • Fully comprehensive use of the SAP quality management system
Documentation of the processes
Compliance with all regulatory requirements



Linking SAP QM and SAP EHS and ensuring their interaction

Combination of inspection plans and master data as well as material specifications

Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Introduction of batch management for complete traceability of the goods

Conception of a predecessor-successor relationship

Our services

  • System configuration to ensure complete documentation of your processes
  • Configuration of all necessary SAP quality management functions to guarantee compliance with requirements
  • Integration of the necessary functions in your SAP system
  • Analysis of your current situation with regard to all relevant requirements


  • In order to ensure complete documentation of your processes, CONSILIO sets up your SAP system accordingly. This enables your company to make full use of the SAP quality management functions.
  • Our experts ensure that all necessary functions are configured in such a way that compliance with these requirements is guaranteed.
  • CONSILIO ensures that functions such as batch traceability, batch history and batch records are optimally tailored to your needs and integrated precisely into your SAP system. With these multiple specifications, you can flexibly meet requirements per country, customer or pharmacopoeia
  • Our expertise in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry enables us to set up your SAP system optimally so that you can meet national and, if desired, cross-national regulatory requirements

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