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Avoid time & cost intensive maintenance

Companies are in a state of tension because production is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, 100% capacity utilisation is practically unrealistic. Every minute of downtime due to unplanned maintenance costs your company money and can postpone the delivery dates agreed with your customers. This leads to lower customer satisfaction in the long run. Your goal should therefore be to keep downtimes due to machine failures, wear and tear and set-up times as low as possible. This is the only way to cope with the high competitive pressure and to secure possible competitive advantages. Face your challenges and improve your maintenance processes sustainably.


  • Eliminate silo thinking through tight integration 
  • Reducing lead times thanks to flexible processes 
  • Identification of savings opportunities 
  • Dissolving non-transparent processes
  • Traceability of process steps down to the last detail
  • Identification of cost drivers
Reduction of lead times
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Cost savings

Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Reduction of throughput times through integratively coordinated processes.

Standardisation of maintenance processes

Preparation of the system for mobile maintenance


Our services

  • Analysis and optimisation of current processes
  • Mapping of an optimised maintenance process
  • Resolution of intransparent processes
  • Flexible and optimal system design
  • Transparent representation of processes with regard to costs
  • Creation of a tight integration


  • Our experts analyse and optimise your current processes and map the optimised maintenance process for you in SAP
  • Thanks to many years of project experience, we are able to resolve intransparent processes so that you can track your process steps down to the last detail
  • CONSILIO optimises your system and makes it flexible. You can thus prevent high throughput times through flexible processes
  • We make your processes transparent in terms of costs. This gives you the opportunity to identify cost drivers and find ways to save money
  • Our experienced employees create a close-meshed integration for you and thus prevent silo thinking

Avoid time-consuming and costly maintenance!

Take advantage of our expertise.

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