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Quality Management (SAP QM)

Optimize your SAP quality management!

SAP QM is closely integrated into the processes and all logistics modules in the SAP ERP system and S/4HANA. Numerous processes are supported and supplemented by additional functions.

The quality management module can also be used outside of SAP ERPs, for example if you use SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for your warehouse management.
If you are already using SAP QM, we would be happy to support you in optimizing your quality processes and introducing new functionalities.
Are you planning to introduce SAP QM in your company?

We provide you with the best possible advice thanks to our many years of cross-industry experience and best practices. SAP QM has functions and processes that can be used across all industries. These are supplemented by industry-specific functions and processes, for example for the automotive industry or for the process industry.

Due to our expertise in the process industry and other industries we are able to implement SAP QM profitably in your company

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SAP QM functionalities

  • Inspection plans, routings, dynamic modification rules, inspection characteristics and sampling procedures provide you with comprehensive tools for planning quality inspections
  • In order to keep the inspection effort within reasonable limits, you can, for example, use dynamic modification rules to set up a skip-lot procedure for skip inspections
  • You limit the quantity to be inspected with sampling procedures and sampling plans


  • Inspection lots and their functions provide you with flexible and comprehensive support when recording inspection results
  • Inspection lots are created and used, for example, for goods receipt inspections, inspections during production, inspections during delivery or in maintenance
  • The operations and inspection specifications are determined from the inspection plans and routings
  • Accordingly, the inspection lot documents your quality inspection and its results can be passed on to characteristics of a batch, for example
  • The inspection lot is completed with the usage decision, which in turn can trigger follow-up actions such as rebooking, blocking or sending an e-mail


  • You can use quality notifications, for example, to process notifications of defects or delivery type complaints, complaints from customers or for internal problem notifications
  • Defect recording can also be controlled and documented via quality notifications
  • Stability studies are quality reports of central importance.
  • SAP provides functions for the automatic generation of quality notifications during quality inspection
  • The interface of messages is configurable. So you can see the most important information at a glance.
  • The action box provides you with functions for follow-up functions, such as entering a goods movement, creating an 8D report, changing the quality level or creating a repair order.



  • QM is integrated into SAP ERP along the entire logistics chain
  • Integration with purchasing and inventory management, such as supplier evaluation and goods receipt inspections
  • Integration into production. It does not matter whether you manufacture discretely or use process orders. QM is linked to both areas of production planning and control
  • Using the link to maintenance, you can carry out calibration inspections on test and measurement equipment or document them in maintenance in an extended form
  • Before the products are delivered to the customer, the deliveries can be checked by networking with the sales department (SD)
  • EWM - if you use EWM for your warehouse, it can be linked to the QM of SAP ERP


With QM orders, you keep your costs in quality management always in view and can intervene and react accordingly.

The following two costs are recorded by the QM orders:

  • Inspection costs incurred during the quality inspection. These can be, for example, inspection times during results recording or material costs
  • Error costs: These occur mainly in the case of customer complaints and internal problem reports. A QM order is assigned to the quality notification to collect the costs. Defect costs are primarily services, material withdrawals and repairs

Evaluations for QM orders are available, such as Display cost report or Display QM orders by inspection type.


SAP QM offers a number of special functions and processes.

Examples of special QM functions and processes are

  • Sample management
  • Stability Study
  • Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
  • 8D reports
  • Audit reviews


Our services

  • Our experts analyze your requirements for SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) and related areas and align your system landscape with your individual goals
  • CONSILIO carries out new implementations and redesigns according to modern process models
  • We offer you workshops on various topics of quality management also directly in your company and live on your SAP system
  • Our employees analyze your quality management processes, identify potential for improvement and implement them in SAP ERP and S/4HANA
  • CONSILIO supports you in every step of your transformation from SAP QM to S/4HANA 
  • Together with you we evaluate modern SAP Fiori Apps for quality management and make them available for you

Your benefits

  • Cost savings, increased efficiency and transparency in your quality management
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance
  • Documentation of all QM activities in one system
  • Exploitation of the potentials of your SAP applications by continuous integration of SAP QM into the logistics chain and adjacent modules (MM, PP, SD, FICO, PM, etc.)
  • Homogenization of your system landscape

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