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SCM industry solution for automotive industry and assembly manufacturers

CONSILIO industrial solution "Assembly Planning - Model Mix Planning". Plan your supply chain future-proof.

The solution "Assembly Planning - Model Mix Planning" is based on SAP SCM APO and is aimed at companies in the manufacturing industry whose planning focus is on cycle-related assembly processes while taking restrictions into account. The solution enables you to optimize processes from sales and program planning

to order processing, assembly planning and assembly control. As a result, you benefit from a leveled and calmed production flow across all stages of the supply chain, which leads to a reduction of inventories and at the same time takes your customers' deadlines into account.

Smoothing and sequence formation: Heartbeat of the supply chain. Goals of the solution:

  • Implementation of industry-specific best practices - also under S/4HANA
  • Optimization of your processes along the entire supply chain
  • Best possible utilization of your lines with the optimal "model-mix" under consideration of given restrictions
  • Smoothing and sequencing, harmonization of the production flow
  • The solution includes numerous pre-defined settings for the entire planning process
  • We accompany you through all project phases: from planning and implementation to optimization and support
  • We offer comprehensive solutions that help you build a networked enterprise

With the solution "Assembly Planning - Model Mix Planning" to a harmonized production flow. Your advantages:

  • Transparent, integrated best-practice processes
  • Systematic scheduling of the product sequence via model-mix planning
  • Uniform utilization of the assembly lines and stations under consideration of restrictions
  • Smoothed, harmonized production flow
  • Minimization of restriction violations and the absolute deadline deviation
  • Reduction of WIP inventory
  • Best possible utilization of synergies and potentials of production
[Translate to English:] Lösung für die Model-Mix Planung mit SAP - CONSILIO

The video describes CONSILIO's solution approach for optimised model-mix planning with SAP. It shows you how you can achieve an even line utilization and high adherence to schedules without buffer storage.

CONSILIO Lösung für die Model-Mix Planung mit SAP - Glättung (Teil 2)

This video shows how the smoothing of model-mix planning is done with the help of CONSILIO's solution.

CONSILIO Lösung für die Model-Mix Planung mit SAP - Teil 3

In part 3 we will show you how sequence planning is done.

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