Supply chain planning

Complex supply chains, market volatility and a multitude of internal and external stakeholders require powerful, flexible and coordinated planning with agile processes and user-friendly planning tools.

Efficient and well-coordinated supply chain planning is essential to be able to react to current and future changes and to make the right decisions. We support you in bringing your processes up to speed and implementing integrated planning with the help of modern planning tools.

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Integrated planning across all supply chain areas

  • CONSILIO's technical and system experts from all areas of supply chain planning analyze your supply chain and the associated supply chain planning processes in detail. We thus give your company the opportunity to achieve a better planning result in terms of profitability and resource utilization.
  • With many years of experience in diverse industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumer goods, our experts can set up a uniform planning solution for all your process steps.
  • As an SAP Gold Partner and with Recognized Expertise in supply chain management, we set up a future-oriented overall process for your supply chain planning and support your company in all change processes. This enables you to create a robust supply chain that reacts flexibly to events. Your company thus increases its supply chain resilience in the long term.
  • CONSILIO integrates for you uniform as well as transparent planning processes that are accepted and lived by all involved. With the necessary coaching, training and the right support, we guarantee that your employees accept new processes and can apply them quickly.
  • From the experience of many years of partnerships with existing customers in the context of our individual training courses, we ensure that your end users deploy mobile devices flexibly and use them intuitively.
  • With the "Single Point of Truth", we create a uniform underlying database for you. You can thus use central data monitoring, have global access to alerting functionalities and reduce the need for coordination.

Benefit from over 20 years of project experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in the area of production & supply chain.


Synchronization of planning processes

  • Our experts analyze your entire planning processes and the organizational responsibilities in your company across all plants. Based on this, we develop your new S&OP process together with you.
  • We advise you with the experience from numerous successful S&OP projects and also set up an S&OP process for your company for cross-departmental coordination. This will enable you to better analyze restrictions in your supply chain network in the future, identify exceptions at an early stage and always determine alternative courses of action in good time.
  • Many available best practices in the area of supply chain planning give us the opportunity to identify weaknesses and effort drivers in your planning at an early stage and to show you potential for improvement. This means that in the future you will be able to fall back on a consolidated, cross-departmental overall plan.

Use our know-how and ensure the synchronization of your planning processes!


Design sales & sales planning transparently

  • We analyze your sales and distribution planning as a basis for corporate planning and thus guarantee you a constant overview of current and forecast consumption.
  • As experts in statistics and forecasting algorithms, we advise you on the necessary planning levels, responsibilities, forecasting algorithms and planning rhythms. In this way, you create transparency in the determination of demand quantities through the combination of statistical forecast models, integration of external information and collaboration in a global planning team.
  • CONSILIO supports you in designing and implementing a sales planning solution based on SAP standard software. As a result, your company benefits from improved forecasting accuracy and can increase its product availability and reduce inventories and procurement costs.
  • With many years of experience from worldwide sales planning, CONSILIO supports you in organizing your sales planning and setting up workflows. Generate market-driven and profitable sales plans and create a transparent and lean sales planning solution for all departments of your company.
  • Our SAP IBP experts support you in centrally consolidating your planning activities across the entire organization so that you can identify dynamic demand fluctuations and risks at an early stage and plan for them.

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience from demand planning projects in SAP-APO-DP as well as SAP-IBP and design your sales and distribution planning transparently!


Optimize network-wide supply planning

  • Many years of experience in production, distribution and procurement planning give our experts the necessary know-how to set up an individual and future-oriented supply planning solution with capacity planning, supplier planning and component availability planning for you. This way, you can guarantee network-wide planning of your supply chain, taking into account material availability as well as capacity restrictions, and create improved delivery capability and delivery reliability.
  • Together with you, we revise your supply planning processes including the coordination of short-term and long-term planning. Depending on customer requirements, our experts design an individualized solution or draw on a CONSILIO best practice, thus ensuring better utilization of your production capacities with better adherence to schedules.
  • We support you in the introduction of modern planning tools such as rule-based or contribution margin-based optimization methods. Increase your supply chain visibility through intelligent evaluation options and bottleneck analyses and increase the validity of sales order confirmations by taking into account all restrictions in planning.
  • CONSILIO supports you in finding an individual solution, for example, if you have questions about automation or manual planning. Our goal is to reduce the frequency of your short-term planning changes and to prioritize your needs.
  • Thanks to many years of comprehensive experience in rough and detailed planning processes, especially in their interaction, our experts can advise you on all aspects of integrating your rough planning with detailed planning tools such as SAP-PP/DS.
  • CONSILIO advises you on the implementation of a planning solution that also includes multi-sourcing and allocation decisions and optimizes your product mix.

Take advantage of our experience in production, distribution, and procurement planning and optimize your network-wide supply planning.


Perform network-wide inventory optimization

  • CONSILIO analyzes your inventories, service levels and replenishment cycles and improves your inventory planning process. Reduce your overall network inventories through optimized distribution within the supply chain - for example, by leveraging pooling effects.
  • We support you in implementing an inventory planning process in which fluctuations and uncertainties in forecast quality, replenishment times and delivery reliability are systematically taken into account when optimizing inventories. This enables your company to optimize the use of available inventory, reliably maintain a high service level and guarantee better delivery capabilities. In this way, you ensure cost reductions and satisfied customers.
  • With the necessary experience in inventory planning and optimization of complex supply chain networks, our experts set up automated site-based or multi-level network-wide inventory optimization based on your specific requirements and embed it into your overall planning process.

You too can benefit from our know-how and optimize your inventories network-wide!


Ensure global transparency across supply chain planning

  • Through our many years of experience in the introduction of alert-supported planning processes, our experts implement individual planning views, dashboards and alerts for you. In this way, we create transparency in your network and activate proactive monitoring, simplified solution finding and continuous improvements in your company.
  • We provide your company with a constantly updated overview of the entire supply chain with meaningful analyses of aggregated and disaggregated planning data. Combined with the appropriate tools for exception management with case and task management, this allows you to focus on the most important decisions.
  • With the necessary care, we enable the integration of your suppliers and customers into your planning processes, for example via Ariba integration. In this way, we create integrated processes across your company boundaries.

Use our process expertise and create global transparency across your entire supply chain!


Integrated planning

Plan all your relevant supply chain areas in one integrated process and create maximum transparency:

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Our 20 years of project experience have shown that efficient and well-coordinated supply chain planning is essential for the success of your company. We are happy to support you with our process expertise from all areas of supply chain planning.

Christoph Habla, Head of IBPCONSILIO GmbH

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