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Logistics Management

Efficient logistics management: the linchpin of modern production and distribution systems

Are you faced with the challenge of optimizing your delivery, warehousing, and shipping processes, increasing their transparency, and at the same time reducing process effort and costs? Or are you using SAP WM and wondering which logistics system is best for you? If, for example, you want to connect an automated warehouse, EWM provides you with a predefined selection of modules for this purpose, with which the corresponding warehouse and conveyor systems can be easily integrated at any time.

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Choosing the right warehouse management system

In today's world, fast and error-free delivery has become enormously important as your competition is just a mouse click away. Choosing the right warehouse management system is therefore essential for companies that want to remain future-proof and competitive in the market.

Reduction of storage costs through efficient use of storage resources

With a high volume of deliveries, the challenge is to collect the goods quickly and correctly in order to be able to deliver them again on time and according to customer requirements. Make sure you automate your processes and make the best use of warehouse resources.

Monitoring & reporting of logistics processes

Keep an eye on the entire process chain of your warehouse at all times! Use monitoring and reporting functions for supervision and ensure that you always keep an eye on the most important processes and KPIs and can react to unexpected events and delays without losing efficiency.

Implementation of mobile scanner solutions

The correct and timely provision of materials is crucial for your efficient and sustainable production. With the help of real-time data from mobile scanner solutions, production downtime can be avoided and it is ensured that deliveries leave the warehouse on time.

Connection of automated warehouses

Reduce your travel times, long transport routes and avoid high consolidation costs with the help of the automated warehouse. Ensure that your orders are processed more quickly and that goods are delivered earlier or are ready for production more quickly.

Ensure material supply for production

Efficient and correct production supply is crucial for in-house production. Guarantee a smooth and efficient production process through a simplified production supply and, at the same time, make your resources beautiful.

Transparent mapping of internal material flows

Reliable demand planning is only possible if there is absolute transparency in your warehouse about the current stock and its movements. This is the only way to identify optimization potential, eliminate sources of error, and design warehouse processes efficiently.

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Our services in the field of logistics management:

  • Analysis of your delivery, storage and dispatch processes
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Selection of the appropriate logistics solution
  • Customization and implementation of EWM and EWM Embedded and Stock Room Management on S/4HANA
  • Optimization of processes with SAP WM, TRM, EWM and EWM Embedded
  • Development of standardized, simplified processes in the area of production integration
  • Simplification of material requisition including availability checks
  • Fiori-dialoge for all existing deployment features under EWM S/4HANA



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This way, you benefit from the right warehouse management solution:

  • Optimized, transparent supply chain processes.
  • Precisely coordinated production control and warehouse management, increased efficiency through fast and smooth material flows
  • Increased transparency and delivery reliability to stakeholders
  • Reduction of missing parts
  • Simplified operation of EWM Embedded under S/4HANA
  • User-friendly Fiori user interfaces
  • Significantly expanded, integrated range of functions with EWM

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