Maintenance & Customer Service

Do high downtime and slow troubleshooting prevent efficient production and disrupt your daily business?

Optimized and lean maintenance processes reduce downtime and improve system availability. Set up your company in a future-oriented manner and optimize your maintenance and customer service processes to stabilize your production and ensure the satisfaction of external and internal customers. System-supported maintenance in the SAP system covers the following areas according to DIN 31051:

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Improvement

In times of Industry 4.0, high plant availability gains special importance - without downtimes, highly automated and integrated production processes can develop their full potential.

We solve your challenges

Avoid time & cost intensive maintenance

  • Our experts analyze and optimize your current processes and map the optimized maintenance process for you in SAP
  • Thanks to many years of project experience, we are able to resolve non-transparent processes so that you can track your process steps down to the last detail
  • CONSILIO sets up your system optimally and designs it flexibly. You can thus prevent high throughput times through flexible processes
  • We make your processes transparent in terms of costs. This gives you the opportunity to identify cost drivers and find ways to save costs.
  • Our experienced employees create a close meshed integration for you and thus prevent silo mentality.

Create added value for your company! Use our expertise and avoid time and cost intensive maintenance in the long run.



Prevent low user acceptance

Is your SAP system unpopular with users? Are shadow processes lived in order not to have to work with the SAP system?

This does not have to be that way!

  • CONSILIO knows all possibilities to increase the user-friendliness of your SAP system in order to make your employees more aware of how to use it
  • Our experts are well versed in mobile solutions based on modern technologies and provide your end users with a mobile solution tailored to their needs
  • We optimized your SAP user interfaces. Together with CONSILIO, make full use of the board resources and improve the user-friendliness of your SAP system. We introduce a mobile solution for you and increase the user experience for your users in the long run

Use our experience and prevent low user acceptance in the long term



Prevent mixed system landscapes

  • You are using SAP without the PM module? Our experts advise you on merging existing systems and standardizing your system landscape
  • CONSILIO supports you in the implementation and support of interfaces and thus ensures a problem-free connection of your SAP systems
  • With our help, use SAP maintenance in an integrated flexible system and fully exploit the potential of your SAP system landscape
  • Our experience enables you to replace third-party systems, Excel or "Best of Breed" solutions and to set up your SAP maintenance in a future-oriented way

Use our expertise and effectively prevent historically grown and mixed system landscapes.



Increase share of planned maintenance in the long term

  • Together with you, we analyze your current situation and develop a concept for better planning in advance and thus reduce the share of immediate repairs
  • Our experts integrate SAP maintenance for you and give you the opportunity to react proactively instead of reactively to machine failures
  • The systematic approach of our experts creates a preventive maintenance with the help of which you can prevent the unplanned breakdown of machines as far as possible. Thus you reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your production in the long term.

Benefit from our experience and increase the share of planned maintenance with SAP in the long term.



Avoid long downtimes

  • Through efficient processes that have been optimally tailored to your organization by our experts, you can ensure that breakdowns are quickly resolved
  • We support you in reducing sudden failures by early detection through predictive maintenance
  • Our experts implement preventive measures and consistent monitoring, also with the help of suitable sensor technology, thus reducing the number of failures during your production
  • CONISLIO creates efficient processes for all your employees

Let us advise you with TOP quality and use our expertise. Avoid long production downtimes in the future!



Optimally prepared for migration to S/4HANA

  • SAP has announced the end of maintenance for SAP ERP. Companies must therefore prepare for the changeover to SAP S/4HANA. We support you in implementing your transformation
  • Thanks to our experience from migration projects at companies in various industries, we know the hurdles of an S/4HANA migration
  • Our experts prepare your company for the migration of your maintenance to S/4 HANA and provide you with comprehensive support during the implementation
  • CONSILIO guarantees you a quick and easy changeover to S/4HANA
  • Whether greenfield or brownfield - we advise and support you with our industry knowledge

Be optimally prepared together with CONSILIO for the maintenance end of SAP ERP and the migration to SAP S/4HANA.



Ensuring future-oriented customer service

  • SAP Customer Service is only available in SAP S/4HANA in compatibility mode until 2025. We support you in finding a solution and implementing a suitable SAP Customer Service solution
  • There are various successor solutions in the SAP portfolio. Based on our experience, we will find a solution together with you that fits your requirements
  • Our experts adapt this solution optimally to your needs and guarantee a quick changeover

Be well prepared for the end of SAP CS maintenance. Take advantage of CONSILIO's many years of experience and guarantee future-oriented customer service.



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We support you in optimizing your maintenance processes.
Reduce your downtimes and improve your plant availability in the long term in order to remain competitive and act with an eye to the future.

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